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Hailea Chiller HC-300A 1/4 HP

Why Do I need a chiller for my Aquarium?
Aquarium chillers help maintain a constant temperature in aquariums where fish and coral sensitive to temperature variations are living or being grown. Things like lights, pumps and the surrounding room air add heat to the water in your fish tank. Many chillers are purchased by hobbyists who grow corals. Others are used in marine aquariums, where fish need a relatively constant temperature, which allows a stable level of oxygen in the water. Where deep sea fish are being maintained, cold temperatures are essential to mimic their natural habitat.
Hailea Chillers are great value for money and their large refrigeration capacity lower noise design makes them a great addition to your marine tanks. Their digital temperature controller ensures that the selected temperature is maintained.

Suitable for tanks 300x600 LTS
Model - HC-300A
Power - 1/4HP
Voltage - 220~240V(110~120V)
Frequency - 50Hz(60Hz)
Working Current - 1.8A(3A)
Water Refrigerated - 100~800L
Iced Medium - R134a
Rate of Flow - 1000-2500L/H
Weight - 18.6Kg
Size - 448x330x440mm
Pull down from ambiant - 300 Lt 10oc or 600 Lt 5oc

$699.00 $799.00

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