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FREE Shipping Available! T&C's apply.
FREE Shipping Available! T&C's apply.

Hypo Translucent Bearded Dragons for Sale

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Hypo Trans Bearded Dragons


Pagona vitiiceps

Translucent bearded dragons are amongst the most spectacular bearded dragon morphs available in Australia today. They display a range of vibrant colours including reds, yellows, oranges and even blues and purples.

One of the most popular reptiles in the world. Bearded dragons are charismatic and interesting to watch and make the perfect pet for first time reptile keepers and children alike.

We have a great selection of various bearded dragons ranging from hatchlings through to juveniles to adults. Kellyville Pets has a complete bearded dragon Lifetime Kit available, which includes a large 90cm enclosure as well as all of the essential equipment required to care for a dragon long term. For more detailed information about bearded dragon care, please see our Care Guide.  

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