iFetch Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs

Meet iFetch - the automatic dog mini tennis ball launcher for energetic dogs to fetch. This tireless toy will keep your dog happy for hours. You can buy the Ifetch instore or online at Kellyville Pets.

Interactive dog toys have a multitude of benefits for your dog, so you don't end up with a bored dog while at work, stuck at home waiting for you. However if you do, then this will keep bored dog busy.

If your dog is constantly chewing and digging it is usually a sign that the dog is bored. Similarily to humans, when a dog has something to do (e.g. a job, sports, physical activity, exercise, etc.), they don’t think of doing what we consider destructive behaviours as their mind is occupied, whereas if a dog has nothing to do but sit, stand, and wander about alone, well, you know what mischief they can get up to while you are not there.

The Ifetch and the Ifetch too are designed to sharpen your dogs' senses and natural hunting instinct. It is kind of like those educational video games that were made for kids to learn about various topics, but in a fun and interactive way!

All you need to do is plug it in (or insert 6 C-cell batteries), press the button on the back, drop in a ball, and it’s playtime. The Ifetch automatic ball launcher is designed for indoor/outdoor use with miniature tennis balls that are 40mm or 1.5 inches in diameter (the same size as most miniature tennis balls that you can find in pet stores).

The iFetch has three ball thrower distance settings: 305 cm, 610cm or 915cm (10 feet, 20 feet, or 30 feet). To set the launch distance, all you have to do is press the button on the back to cycle through the settings. The light will turn off after 30 seconds, but the iFetch will remain on (in standby mode) until you drop another ball into the funnel. If your dog already loves to play fetch, it should be pretty easy to teach your dog to fetch the ball using the iFetch. Some customers have told us it took them less than 20 minutes (and a handful of treats) to teach their dogs how to use the iFetch. Check out the video and iFetch training tips below.

How long does the iFetch work on batteries?

A long time! We’ve done extensive testing of iFetch and we have found that it will keep throwing balls for approximately 30 hours on a fully charged set of 6 C-cell batteries. If your dog can play fetch continuously for that long, then you may want to enter your dog into the Guinness World Records!

iFetch training tips for your dog

When you start teaching your dog how to play fetch, make sure you train near the iFetch so that your dog can connect the dots between fetch and the iFetch.

Train with the iFetch at most three times a day and only for ten minutes at a time. That way fetch stays fun and doesn’t become fetch bootcamp.

If you feel like your dog is getting frustrated and is unable to get the ball into the iFetch , then just work on reinforcing any behavior toward the iFetch and make sure your dog gets rewarded.

If your dog attempts to get the reward via other behaviors (e.g. rolling over, jumping up, shaking paws, etc.), it’s important that you NOT reward these behaviors.

If your dog is cautious around the iFetch at first, that’s okay. The iFetch is new and different and he’s probably not sure what it is. You can start by rewarding him for just going near the iFetch. This way he learns that the iFetch is just another part of the house. With a little time, you can use treats to bring him closer to the iFetch, teaching him to drop the ball as close to the iFetch as possible. After a few training sessions (results may vary) your dog will learn to trust the iFetch and then it will be playtime.

My dog slobbers a lot. Is that a problem?

Some dogs slobber more than others. If your dog is a heavy slobberer, you may need to wipe off the balls from time to time. Some customers who have slobbery dogs have told us they’ve found success with miniature squash balls.

What happens if I put other things into the funnel (e.g. coins, golf balls, etc)?

While that does sound like a fun experiment, we don’t recommend you put anything into the iFetch other than miniature tennis balls, as that is not the intended use of the iFetch.

What comes with my iFetch order?

Your iFetch comes with three miniature balls and an AU/NZ SAA Certified 100-240V AC Adapter. Batteries are not included.


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