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iFetch Frenzy - Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs

Welcome to the New iFetch Frenzy for Smaller Dogs, now available in Australia! 

The iFetch Frenzy is an interactive, gravity-driven automatic dog ball thrower that doesn’t require batteries or power.

  • Comes with three 40mm (1.5") miniature tennis balls
  • Ball is inserted in the top and randomly rolls out of 1 of 3 chutes at the base
  • Does NOT require batteries (is not electronic)
  • Great mental and physical exercise for your pet
  • Hidden ball storage compartment on the bottom so you’ll never misplace balls
  • Durable, high-quality design and construction
  • Uses miniature tennis balls that are 40 mm (1.5") in diameter. (THREE miniature tennis balls are included with purchase). 

NOTE: These are NOT full sized tennis balls! 


How do I get started with the iFetch Frenzy?

To get started with the iFetch Frenzy, all you need to do is remove it from the box, find the balls in the storage space underneath the Frenzy, and drop one ball in the top at a time to start hours of endless fetching fun! Watch as the ball accelerates out of one of three chutes along the base of the Frenzy at random becoming the best choice for bored dog toys

                              ...KEEP BORED DOG BUSY...

Which iFetch product is best for my dog? 

This depends on each individual dog. Because every dog has different bored dog symptoms. Of our automatic ball launchers, we say that the iFetch is for small to medium breeds and the iFetch Too is for medium to large breeds, however we have seen large dogs use the iFetch and small dogs use the iFetch Too.

In order to figure out which size is best for your dog, we recommend you purchase a ball that is 40mm diameter and a standard size tennis ball (~65mm diameter) and test each one with your dog. If your dog prefers the 40mm diameter ball, then the iFetch will work fine. If your dog prefers the 65mm ball, then the iFetch Too is a better option.

Another thing to consider is the launch distance. If you intend to play with the product outdoors and launch it as far as possible, the iFetch Too is probably the best option due to its launch distance of 12.2 metres. It also has a rechargeable battery, unlike the iFetch, which has to either be plugged in or runs on 6 C batteries.

When deciding between the iFetch and iFetch Frenzy, consider a few factors.

  • Distance - If you are working with a small space, the iFetch Frenzy is a great option because the ball only rolls 2-4 metres each time. 
  • Budget - The iFetch Frenzy will be significantly less expensive than the iFetch.
  • Power - The iFetch Frenzy is non-electronic and makes no noise. The iFetch requires 6 C batteries or a power cord plugged into the wall to power it on.
  • Surface - The iFetch Frenzy must be used on a flat surface (indoors or outdoors). The iFetch can be used on almost any surface (indoors or outdoors).
  • If you are still having trouble deciding and have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you decide which product is best for you and your dog.

What size balls does the, iFetch Frenzy use? 

The iFetch Frenzy uses miniature tennis balls that are 40mm or 1.5 inches in diameter. 

What you'll love about the iFetch Frenzy: 

  • Fun for everyone when you're at home
  • Fun for your dog when you're away
  • Needs no batteries or electricity
  • Durable design for fetch-loving dogs
  • Brings a fun new twist to the game of fetch!
  • Best of bored dog toys!
  • Will occupy a bored dog while at work!
  • Helps bored dog symptoms to go away!



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