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Juwel Rio Aquarium 300 - White Cabinet

A perfect match: the Juwel Rio 300 base cabinet

Timeless design, perfected technology and meticulous workmanship. A Rio 300 aquarium from Juwel discreetly accentuates the underwater world that you have arranged when placed upon its matching cabinet. With the matching base cabinet, your aquarium will stand safely on solid ground. The two of them also make the perfect pair from a visual point of view, as the base cabinet is available in the same colour as the aquarium. Easy to assemble with generous storage space for accessories and equipment, they also leave nothing to be desired from a practical point of view.

Note: Item available for pick up in store only. 
Size: 121 x 51 x 80cm
Colour: White

Colours available: black and white.


CODE: 12374

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