Flat Roof Dog Kennel Med

The Medium Flat Roof Dog Kennel from Pet One is easily assembled and features a sturdy design. 

The perfect home for your pet. Made of high quality wood as well as having a protective asphalt roof. A specifically designed dog kennel to help keep your dog comfortable in various weather conditions. The floor of the dog kennel is raised and off the ground, making it easier for your pet to step in & out of, as well as allowing better ventilation and climate control.

The timber dog kennel also feature a hinged roof for easy internal access, and an off-centred entry which helps to provide protection from poor weather, allowing your pet to stay sheltered and dry.

  • Hinged Roof
  • Rubber Feet
  • Easy To Assemble

Please note this item is available for pickup only.

Size: 103 x 70 x 66cm

$149.00 $199.00

Code: 43152

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