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We are open for essential shopping. Click here to read our COVID safety information.

Krabooz The Cribz Home

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The Krabooz Cribz Home is a beautiful enclosure to keep your hermit crabs happy.
With clear walls that allow you to enjoy seeing your crabs.

Here is some information from Krabooz themself, to help take care of your pet hermit crab:

SETTLING INZ: When you first take home your Krabooz give them a quick bath of
declorinated water then leave them alone to settle into their new home. They may stay
buried for a few days that’s OK they are just getting used to it.

THE BEDDINGZ: We recommend using our Zuper Zands bedding in your home. Split
the contents on either side of the home. On the shell grit side place the bowlz and poolz
that way water spilt from the bowlz goes into the shell grit. The depth of bedding should
at least be that of your largest hermit crab with an additional 2-4cm can be added in the
cooler molting months.

THE FOODZ: The Krabooz has developed a staple mix of
food called The Munchiez Mix. It’s also important to give your Krabooz fresh food
this can include fruits, vegetables and treats like popcorns. They
love variety in their diet.

THE WATERZ: Be sure that your Krabooz always has fresh declorinated or bottled

THE SALT POOLZ: Your Krabooz will also like to have a pool of salt water
available to bath in but also make sure that they can get out of the pool easily.

CLIMBINGZ: Your Krabooz love to climb so give them something like a Krabooz
treez or shrubz or a non-treated stick like driftwood to climb on.

HEATING: Your Krabooz will like their home to be no cooler than 22 degrees so when it drops below this place a
heat mat under just where the pool and bowlz are located (this will help with the humidity).

HUMIDITYZ: Its advised that their home has a relative humidity of anywhere from 50% to 80% (it can vary with
the seasons) this humidity can be achieved by allowing them to tip their water bowlz and poolz in to the shell grit
bedding so it’s just slightly moist.
If your accessories like the hutz and treez are moldy then that is an indication that the home is too moist and you
will need to adjust the homes openings to allow for more aeration.

EXERCIZE: It’s best to let your Krabooz out and have a daily walk around, you just need to make sure that the
area is safe from other animals or typical household chemicals.

SPARE SHELLZ: Your Krabooz will grow a few mm each year so make sure you have a couple of spare shellz
of different sizes available for them.

SLEEP TIME: Your Krabooz will like a good cubby to sleep and the Krabooz
Huttz are perfect for 1 or 2 Krabooz…

MOLTING: Your Krabooz can molt. Some indications are they have buried under for a long period of time, are generally lethargic or have less antenna activity.They MUST be left alone during this period and not moved or touched
until they re-emerge.

FREINDZ: Krabooz like to live in groups so please please please make sure they have a few other freindz in their home.

HOLIDAYS: If you’re going away from home take your Krabooz with you!! This is what the liferingz was created FOR!

Size: 30 x 30 x 30cm