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Live Cricket Tub Pin

Pinhead Live Crickets or 0.15cm (1/16 inch) are newborn crickets, about the size of an ant! Great for the smallest of reptiles and amphibians, newborn lizards and frogs. Very small, extremely soft bodies, very easy to digest. The tub contains approx 100 crickets.

BioSupplies crickets for sale in Sydney will live untouched for a full week on the shelf after received , because they are either packed fresh for same day delivery or the evening before despatch for country and interstate customers. The tubs contain enough carrot and high-protein pellets for the crickets to live for a full seven to eight days.

*We offer same day dispatch of live crickets if we receive your order before 12pm. We do not ship crickets on Fridays (to avoid them sitting at the depot) or on days that are over 30 degrees as crickets suffer in the heat. We can also offer next day delivery of live crickets in most Sydney Metro areas. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


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