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Livebearers For Sale

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Livebearers Scientific Name: Poeciliidae
Livebearers Common Name: Platy, molly, swordtail
Livebearers Size: 5-8cm 
Livebearers Diet: Omnivore
Livebearers Water Type: Fresh
Livebearers Optimum pH Level: 7.5- 8.0
Livebearers Life Span: 5-7 years

Livebearer Breeding:

Livebearers will not lay eggs, but give birth to free-swimming offspring. The eggs have been fertilized inside the body of the female and the offspring has developed inside of her until they are large enough to be born.Livebearing fish species are found in several fish families. A lot of the most commonly kept aquarium species belong to the family Poecilidae. This large family contains such popular species as the Platy, Guppy, Swordtail and Molly.

Livebearer Care:

A lot of the popular beginner fishes for novice aquarists are livebearers and livebearers are known to spawn in captivity even when kept by less experienced aquarists. There are naturally exceptions to this rule and some livebearers are very hard to breed in captivity. They might for instance require a very particular diet or water conditions. In some livebearing species the females will often miscarry and give birth to the embryos to soon.Livebearers belong to many different families and are found in various environments in different parts of the world, and their requirements and behavior therefore will naturally vary from species to species. There are however a few general rules that are true for most livebearers. You should always research your particular livebearing species as well, since it might one of the exceptions to the general rules. Generally speaking, livebearers are schooling fish and they will therefore do best in your aquarium if your buy at least four specimens. A male livebearer can be quite aggressive towards other fish of the same species, and keeping one male with at least three females is therefore a good idea. When there are several females, the amount of harassment will be spread out over several individuals and each female will be less stressed. A majority of the livebearing species will prefer alkaline water where the pH is between 7.0 and 7.8. The water should be hard or medium hard.

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