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Mopani Wood Medium

Mopani wood is a unique wood due to its largely contrasting 2-tone color combination of tan and dark brown. This contrasting color makes it a great addition to any aquarium needing some aesthetic properties. Mopani wood is one of the hardest woods used in the aquarium hobby and is very popular because it sinks immediately. These pieces of wood are great for attaching plants such as anubias and mosses to give your tanks a more natural look.

Mopani wood is also beneficial to your water just like other types of driftwood. It releases natural tannins in the water which can slightly discolor your water but lowers your pH. Tannins are good for your aquarium for several reasons

  • Prevent fungal and bacterial infections
  • Natural uric acid is released causing a lower pH
  • Lower pH helps with plant growth
  • Softens your water over time
  • Creates a place for biofilms to grow leading to natural grazing surfaces for fish or shrimp

To reduce the discoloring of your water you can soak the wood in a separate container and continue to change the water until it slows down or stops all together. Adding additional activated carbon to the aquarium filter after you add it to your tank can remove any excess tannins and clear up your water.


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