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My First Reptile- Book

My First Reptile Book by Gavin Bedford.

‘My First Reptile’ by Dr. Gavin Bedford is an easy to understand, informative book which helps educate younger reptile keepers about the responsible keeping of Australian native reptiles.

The book outlines the basic principles of reptile keeping for the six most common types of reptiles available in Australia (from stores, herpetological societies and breeders). The information is presented in a clear format featuring visual aids which make the content more appealing to a younger audience. This book is aimed at young reptile keepers - but is also great for beginners, and those wishing to increase their reptile keeping knowledge in a clear and simple to understand manner.

-Simple to understand guide that is suitable for ages 12 and up.
-‘Milly’ the gecko has been included to enhance certain aspects of reptile keeping and engage with a more visually oriented younger audience.
-Reptile specific, colour coded ‘Quick-Start’ Checklists featuring each reptiles unique care and accessory requirements to ensure keepers have the right set up


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