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Pondmax UV Clarifier 9W

These Ultravoilet Clarifiers (UV-C) use a quartz sleeve that maintains the bulb temperature, thus allowing up to 95% of the UV radiation to sterilise the water.

Producing more UV radiation than other compatible UV-C units, the internal burning chamber is designed to maximise contact time. Maximum exposure time is achieved by the baffles in the internal UV-C chamber diverting the water flow back and forth past the globe. The increased contact time exposes virtually all organic, single-celled algae and eradicates most harmful micro-organisms to maximise UV radiation exposure.
The result is CLEAN, CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER for your pond!

The main advantage of using this Clarifier is that it eliminates the need to use chemicals to control algae which can be an expensive and may have side effects on fish and plant life. Fish are happier in ponds with UV Clarifiers!
Features & Specification:
Integral flow control and bypass outlet
Effective for suspended algae, bacteria and germs
Anti-twist cable connection
Outlet swivels 360 Degrees
Cable Length: 10m
Ultraviolet Clarifier (UV-C): 240V, 9W
Recommended Max Flow: 4500 L/Hr
Inlet/Outlets: 20/25/32/40mm Diameter

How does this UV Clarifier work in simple terms? The pond pump sucks untreated pond water in and pushes out through to the UV Clarifier housing and passes to the UV lamp killing algae and harmful micro-organisms, ensuring cleaner, clearer water back into the pond. Fore even better results, we recommend adding a biological filter with this UV Clarifier.


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