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Preventic 2 Month Tick Dog Collar

Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs controls ticks including paralysis tick and provides protection for up to 2 months.

How does Preventic work?
The collar contains the very effective active ingredient, Amitraz that kills and detaches paralysis tick by contact. Amitraz is progressively released from a slow release matrix within the collar.

How long does it takes to work?
Preventic will work in a few hours, but it will take approximately 48 hours to reach its maximum level of efficacy, depending on the coat and hair condition of the dog.

Application- How to apply Preventic to your dog:

Buckle collar comfortably around the dog's neck. Attach collar so that two or three fingers can be easily inserted between collar and dog's neck. Cut off excess collar and dispose of properly. In tick paralysis areas, daily searching of the entire body and removal of ticks is recommended to minimise the risk of tick paralysis. Replace collar every 2 months to ensure continued protection. Remove collar before washing or swimming, once replaced protection may take 24 hours to re-establish.

It will take up to 48 hours before the dog is protected (it takes 24 hours for the amitraz to migrate over the dog’s body).
Once applied, do not remove Preventic (except while bathing or swimming as water will reduce the efficiancy of the collar) since the continual dosage of Amitraz will be interrupted.
Daily tick searches in paralysis tick areas are highly recommended for dogs.
Preventic is recommended for dogs from 16 weeks of age.
Amitraz is toxic if accidentally ingested. Immediate veterinary attention is required.
Reapply a new Preventic collar every 8 weeks.

Safety in dogs:
Preventic is recommended for use on dogs from 3 months of age. Do not use on sick or convalescing animals. Do not allow dogs to chew the collar. Seek veterinary attention if the collar is chewed. Do not use any other pesticide when the collar is being worn. Remove collar immediatly should signs of skin irritation occur. Do not use on cats.

Can my dog still go swimming?
Yes, even if it diminishes in efficacy during the swim, Preventic will continuously release its actives, and effective levels will be re-established after the swim.

Size: The length of the collar is approximately 72cm. Cut to size.


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