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Reptile One Reflector 120cm 36w Single T8

Reptile One Tube Reflector

Fluorescent Reflectors - T8

The Reptile One Fluorescent Reflector is a low profile, single tube reflector that can be used to house your Reptile One UVB fluorescent tube bulb.

These reflectors come with an acrylic cover so it can be used for aquatic applications such as turtle tanks or amphibian enclosures and have a mirrored reflective surface to ensure maximum reflection of light into the reptile enclosure.

It is recommended however, that when used in a dry, non aquatic environment, the acrylic cover be removed to ensure maximum UVB penetration.

Product Specifications

Suitable For: All Reptiles
Colours: Silver
Hints and Tips: Remove the acrylic cover for use in dry environments for maximum UVB penetration.
Reccomended Accessories: Reptile One UVB Tube.


Reptile One Tube Reflector Range:

Sku        Wattage      Actual Length      Tube Length
59782      15W              46.5cm               18”/45cm
52028      18W              62.5cm               24”/60cm
59783      30W              92.5cm               36”/90cm
52029      36W              123cm                48”/120cm


CODE: 52029

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