Rise of the Eco Warriors DVD

This is a story about what it takes it be an Eco-Warrior, an individual willing to step up and take action to avert a global catastrophe taking place before our eyes. The eco-warriors represent a new generation, ready to face what is happening on our planet and willing to do something, no matter how small, to build a more humane and balanced world. For them, every individual matters, every action counts.
‘Rise of the Eco-Warriors’ is a rallying call for help to all those who value the life and diversity of our planet and seek to ensure its survival. An assembled collection of driven and conscientious young people from a variety of countries and backgrounds, are the chosen representatives of the Borneo rainforest and its inhabitants.

Ben our Reptile Department Manager was one of the Eco Warriors selected and spent time in Borneo helping Orangutans whose habitat is being destroyed by the deforestation due to Palm Oil Farming.

Ben, from Sydney, was just six years old when his parents bought him his first pet snake which led to the vast menagerie of pythons, lizards, birds, insects, frogs and other animals that occupy the family home today. “Animals give my life purpose and provide me with an ongoing source of curiosity and inspiration.”

Ben is a long term volunteer with his local wildlife rescue group, Sydney Wildlife, and has cared for countless species of native animals. Ben runs educational courses on reptiles and amphibians at Kellyville Pets, whilst also finding time to work at the Australian Reptile Park. Ben now calls a wildlife orphanage home, where he lives in the bush looking after native wildlife as the sanctuary manager.

To date, Ben has raised over $40,000 for various wildlife initiatives and wants to continue in his quest to raise awareness and save the amazing wildlife we share this planet with. Ben was honoured to be invited by Bob Irwin (father of the late Steve Irwin) to help launch his new wildlife charity, the Bob Irwin Wildlife and Conservation Foundation. Ben is currently completing a Bachelor of Natural Science (Animal Science) degree at the University of Western Sydney to further a career in wildlife conservation and education that he is already so passionate about.

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All proceeds from the sale of the DVD's are going directly to the Orangutan Center.

The DVD includes the feature-length documentary PLUS additional scenes and bonus extras including:
JoJo's Story, Baby Terra and footage of other orangutans at the Sintang Orangutan Center
The Welcome Ceremony at Serawai.
Kodi and Mark's school show and their first performance
Ben finds a reticulated python, Kodi creates a magical photo tree and Shadrack's brush with death
Dr Willie Smits on forest foods and the many uses of sugar palms
The Eco-Warriors visit Danau Sentarum National Park and experience their darkest hour
More about Earthwatchers and Orangutan enrichment
Behind the scenes and the first research trip to Borneo


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