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Roudybush Maintenance Pellet Medium 1kg

Roudybush Maintenence pellets are for use in seed-eating birds all year round.
Using Roudybush assures that your birds recieve the finest blend of nutrients available in a completely edible product. No additional vitamin or mineral supplements are necessary, no added sugars or colours, and all natural preservatives.
Feed as a sole diet. Healthy treats may be given in moderate amounts if desired. Make sure your bird is eating the diet by evaluating its droppings.

Birds that have never been fed pellets generally dont recognise them at first. Also, pellets are lower in fat than seeds, so at first most birds will not enjoy them as much as seeds. Some birds readily accept pellets or crumbles as soon as they realise they are edible, or some individuals are very resistant to switching, so some gentle coaching may be required.
Size: Medium- 1.25kg


Code: 24013

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