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Security Screen Pet Door Black 18.5x25cm

A Pet Door by Prestige Pet specifically designed to the requirements and specifications to suit Australian Security Screens. The flap can be removed during initial training and then simply clipped back for normal use. The four-colour range suitably blends the pet door with almost all security screen colours.

Installation Instructions:
Do not install pet door in any area leading directly to pool area. If in doubt, check with local city council or area council authorities.

You will require the following tools: Star screwdriver, bolt cutters, tape measure, Stanley knife, Marker, and long nose pliers. Always wear eye protection when working with tools.

1. Gently remove spline from corner of security screen, about 50cm horizontal and 60cm in vertical direction, and clip insect netting up on screen with a peg or similar.

2. Accurately measure and mark a rectangle on the security grill of 29.5cm (width) by 36.5cm (height) calculated from inner edge of security door frame. Cut out this rectangle and remove (if there are rivets, these may have to be removed with a drill) 

3. Now connect inner and outer frame (with 8 screw holes) together, ensure the bottom supporting protrusion is sitting on the bottom of the inner edge of the door frame (do not unscrew the part of the frame that has four locks attached) Now gently tighten all 7 screws (do not over tighten)

4. Put insect netting back in original position, using the existing spline. Then cut out rectangular shape in insect netting with a stanley knife, inline with move-able flap. Follow with four 45 degree cuts in netting in each corner between move-able flap and pet door spline channel. Now install supplied spline into pet door channel.

5. Pet door is now ready to use. If desired, the flap can be removed temporarily to encourage your cat or dog to come and go through the pet frame. Thereafter move-able flap can be re-installed and removed as often as required. This flap also has the benefit of being utilized when installed in conjunction with a corresponding wood fitting pet door, ie; when both wooden door and security door are both closed, then this flap can be removed (eg. during night time), but when wooden door is open (eg. to allow a breeze through), then move-able flap can be re-installed. Double locks have been pre-installed and can be set to fully locked, in only, out only, and in-out positions. 


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