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Serenity Turtle Kick Start 150ml

Serenity Turtle Kick Start 150ml

Turtle Kick Start helps set up an aquarium faster. It contains beneficial bacteria to Kick Start your aquarium and accelerate the nitrogen cycle. Ammonia and Nitrate are toxic and Kick Start provides the bacteria necessary to process these toxic waste products.

- Accelerates the nitrogen cycle.
- Provides beneficial bacteria to quickly convert toxic ammonia to less toxic elements.

- Easy initial and maintenance dosing.
- Low dosage rate.
- No need to refrigerate after opening.
- Australian manufacturing standards ensure highest quality.

10ml per litre when starting the aquarium (100% new water). 5ml per litre when doing a 25% water change. To calculate approximate aquarium capacity: Length x Width x Water level height (in cm) and divide by 1000 for litres.


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