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Serenity Turtle Salts 250g

Serenity Turtle Salts 250g

A natural multi-purpose water conditioner specifically designed to recreate ideal conditions for turtle tanks & ponds. 5g per 10 litres.

Serenity Aquatics Turtle Salts contain natural minerals, trace elements and salts: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and strontium.

For use when starting up an aquarium or pond, and for water changes.

DO NOT redose without first doing a partial water change. Then, only add the required amount of salt to treat the volume of water changed.

When starting a new aquarium or pond, or when performing a water change, add 5g (one level teaspoon) per 10L of tap water. Keep container closed when not using, as salts are hygroscopic.

It is vital to regularly change your turtle's water. Remember to add water conditioner to detoxify tap water. We recommend Serenity Aquatics Turtle Complete Water Conditioner.



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