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FREE Shipping Available! T&C's apply.

Special Order Vivarium Millstone Lrg Dome URS

SKU 51358

Please call us on (02) 8834 0334 to arrange a quote.

* The URS Vivariums are a special order product- They can take 2-4 weeks to arrive in store.
Australia Wide shipping available upon request for shipping quote.
Top Quality Polyethlene Vivarium with Dome to house Lamp. Easy access, stackable and hygenic. Sliding glass doors included.

Size = Width 1490 mm x Depth 770 mm x Height 590 mm

URS Reptile Vivariums are the latest in reptile enclosure design. Made from quality polyethylene, these vivariums will last a life time and are the ultimate in enclosure hygiene, being non porous cleaning is no longer a chore and you can have total confidence in your vivarium hygiene. URS Reptile Vivariums are stack-able, the large size comes with or without a dome. Without the dome, it can be under heated with heat mats or heat cord used in conjunction with an appropriate thermostat with a probe. The domed vivariums can be heated using the URS vivarium lamp and incandescent globe also used with a thermostat. These vivariums can also be fitted with lighting attachments.

These vivariums are also waterproof which makes them suitable not only for reptiles but frogs, other semi aquatic animals and small mammals. URS Reptile Vivariums are designed and a product of Ultimate Reptile Suppliers Pty Ltd and are proudly South Australian made.