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Vetafarm Starter Pack

This Vetafarm Starter pack is exactly what you need when purchasing a new bird.

It contains:
25g of Soluvite D- Which is a powder vitamin supplement with increased Vitamin D3 for use in water or added to foods. Contains all 13 essential vitamins required for a balanced diet in birds along with increased levels of Vitamin D3 to support birds with insufficient access to natural sunlight. Vitamin D3 is a particularly important nutrient.

50ml Multivet Which provides a balance of nutrients essential for the general health of birds, particularly those fed on seed diets. The Amino Acids in Multivet are essential for the normal and healthy development of feathers. Vitamins and Proteinated Minerals are included to ensure absorption in the gut.

50ml Aviclense-Keeps drinking water sparkling clean fresh and safe. Aviclens takes up the fight against the "Grunge Syndrome". Improving the water quality of animals is a well recognised method of improving production (eggs or young) and reducing the death rate.

And 50ml Wormout Gel- A water soluble bird wormer for use in water, or given directly to the bird via crop needle.


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