Why Dory is not a good pet. June 21 2016

With the release of Finding Dory there is a fear that the popularity of the movie will drive demand for blue tangs (Paracanthurus hepatus), the Dory fish, in the same way it did for clown fish when Finding Nemo was first released. At Kellyville Pets we DO NOT recommend that you buy a blue tang unless you are a very experienced marine aquarium enthusiast.

Blue tangs need a large aquarium, can be aggressive and cannot yet be bred commercially in captivity. If you or your child are excited about keeping fish after seeing Finding Dory we recommend you come to the store and speak with us about starting with a fresh water set up.

Be responsible; always ask your pet supplier how their animals, whether fish, bird or dog are sourced. Do not buy marine fish or coral unless you know it was lawfully and sustainable harvested or bred.

We are producing an information pamphlet on the challenges of keeping of blue tangs that will be available in store and on our website later this week.