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FREE Shipping Available! T&C's apply.

Reptile Accessories General

Reptiles are quickly becoming common house hold pets in Australia with breeders keeping up with demand all year round.
Amphibians, insects and hermit crabs are also pets found in our reptile section with all these slithering, crawling, hopping and flying pets becoming a growing trend for teenagers and first time pet keepers. Here at Kellyville pets we have all the reptile accessories you need to give your reptile, amphibian, insect or crab a happy and exciting life.

We also have small pet farms for you to watch life cycles and eco systems-

Worm Farm: age guide 6yrs+
Earthworms are the most fascinating, safe, clean easy-care pets under the earth! Almost any soil will do, and they cost next to nothing to feed. The tracking sands leave coloured trails exposing secret worm activity! The sliding privacy screen means they will burrow right next to the window for easy viewing.

Ant City: age guide 6yrs +
Build your own Ant City! Ants are the smartest, strongest, fastest, and smallest easy-care pets on earth! Almost any ants will do, and they cost next to nothing to feed. The special dish and tools let you carry out scientific experiments that the ants will LOVE to be part of. The grit will get the ants to build their home right before your eyes! Feed them food and be a part of their world!

Snail World: age guide 6yrs+
Build your own Snail World! Feed them food and be a part of their world! Full colour instructions make getting started a breeze.
Snails are the slowest, weirdest, funniest, and most acrobatic easy-care pets on earth! Almost any land or water snails will do, and they cost next to nothing to feed. Tools are included to help you clean and feed them. Happy snails can lay amazing transparent snail eggs! Use the magnifier to watch the babies develop inside

Accessories for snakes-
Sexing probes: probing snakes to determine their gender should only be done by a vet or a proffessional
Snake hooks: To safely pick up or restrain a snake it is important to have the appropriate reptile accessories. Here at Kellyville pets we have snake hook available to relocate snake in the safest way possible for not only your safety but that safety of the snake.

Accessories for reptile breeders-
Incubators: reptile Egg Incubators gives breeders complete temperature and humidity control to care for developing eggs.
A great incubator should include: -Digital controller with LCD display and LED heat indicator light.
-Programmable temperature alarm.
-Pulse proportional thermostat for stable temperature regulation.
-Temperature control range from 59°F to 104°F (15°C to 40°C).
-Clear cover allows for easy egg inspection without opening incubator.
-Humidity Display range from 10%-95% relative humidity.
-Built in memory stores settings in case of power failure.
-Multiple water reservoirs moulded into incubator base
-Flow-through ventilation and sponge insert allows for even evaporation and proper humidity levels within incubator.