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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Reptile Heating

Our range of Reptile heating supplies available online includes reptile heat globes, reptile heat lamps and reptile heat mats.


It's important to keep your reptiles warm - products suitable for lizards, frogs, snakes and geckos.

For reptile owners, there are many options available to provide a reptile with it's proper heating needs. The challenge is to put together a system that both fits the needs of the animal and the owner's budget. Our friendly staff are available to help with all your reptile heating needs.

Heat is important as it helps to maintain the reptile's body temperature and aids in reptile digestion.

Providing the right type of heat to a reptile is just as important as the temperatures you provide.

Types of reptile heating available

Reptile Heat Mats

Reptile heat mats simulate heated sand beds by the sun in deserts. Reptile mat substrate heaters are designed to safely create these conditions in the terrarium.
They are ideal for:
  • Dry or desert terrariums
  • Under tank mounting
  • Conductive heat source for reptiles and arachnids (spiders)
  • Helps in thermoregulating - important for reptile metabolism, reptile digestion, appetite and activity
  • Safe, even heat distribution

Perfect for bottom dwellers when mounted under the terrarium.

Perfect for tree dwelling reptiles when mounted on the back or the sides of the terrarium.

Reptile Basking Lights or Reptile Basking Spot Lights

These are reptile heat lamp bulbs specially designed as a basking spot lamp The UVA (ultraviolet A) light contributes to reptiles’ physiological well-being. Some lamps may be coated to affect the colour of the light produced - this may alter the way your eye perceives your animal's colour and the way your reptile's eyes perceive the things in its environment. 

Reptile Ceramic Heat Emitters

A Ceramic Heater is a radiant heat source which creates a natural sunlike heat with a uniform pattern. The long wave infrared heat produced by these emitters will warm reptiles very efficiently. They also increases the ambient air temperature in the terrarium. Infrared heat penetrates the scales and skin tissue, promoting health and healing as it widens the blood vessels and increases blood circulation.

A thermometer (or several) will help you to inspect the heat in various areas of your reptile enclosure. As reptiles are cold-blooded and regulate their own body temperature, a warm area and a cooler area within the enclosure (aka a "thermal gradient") are essential. With thermometers, you can quickly glance at an area of the cage, decide whether or not the temperature is sufficient and make changes if necessary (such as moving a light to a different angle or replacing it, moving cage decorations around, and turning the heat up or down). Typically, one should be placed in the warmest area of the cage and one at the coolest area.