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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Dog Grooming Supplies

Although nothing beats a professional dog groom, here at Kellyville Pets we have all you will need to groom your dog like a professional without the price of attending a groomer regularly.
From dog clippers for sale, clipper blades, dog brushes, dog shampoo and conditioner, puppy shampoo and conditioner, dog toe nail clippers, dog tooth brushes, doggy tooth paste, dog mouth wash, pet ear cleaner and soap free pet wipes.
How do I cut my dogs fur?

We have top of the range dog fur clippers that will tackle the toughest coats and biggest mattes. Our Oster 2 speed clippers are perfect for even the toughest and thickest coats, being perfect for curly coats such as poodles and Bichon Fries, that can take a long time to get perfect, with a wriggly or untrusting dog or while learning the art of dog grooming. These are also strong enough to groom cats. Single Speed Oster Golden clippers are great for those difficult coats also. Andis Clippers come in 3 varieties Medium duty- great for thin coats eg Maltese terriers, Yorkshire terriers. As well as great for quick tidy ups of the face or feet. Heavy duty- perfect for most coat types including wire coats or dense curly dog coats. Super Duty- these are perfect for the hardest grooming jobs, big mattes and tangles and thick coated dogs or dogs that are very unsure of being groomed and need to be desensitized and even great for grooming cats. We also have clipper blades available as spares or when a clipper blade needs replacing. At Kellyville pets we can recommend the perfect clipper blade for your grooming task. If your dog requires a quick tidy up or trim around the face our range of grooming scissors is just what you need. At Kellyville pets we stock round nose safely scissors, the user will be confident with these ones even if their dog is not cooperative or they are a grooming novice. Our straight edge scissors for the more experienced groomer. Both dog grooming scissors are very sharp to cut even the thickest fur types.

What brush is good for my dogs coat?

As every dogs coat type is different here at Kellyville pets we have a huge range or different dog brushes, from slicker brushes which can be used on majority of dog coats to “Furminators” for the worst seasonal or year round coat shedders. We have everything you need to keep your dogs fur shiny, smooth, tangle free and healthy.

What shampoo should I use on my dog?

At our store we have a large variety of dog shampoos, great for any life stage from puppy to senior dog and any coat type. we also have shampoo for the smelliest dog or dirtiest dog. Different dog shampoo and dog conditioner choices include- puppy Shampoo and Puppy conditioner, dog Oatmeal shampoo and dog oatmeal conditioner, dog flea shampoo and other assorted fragrance Shampoo and conditioners.