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Reptile Cleaners

It is important to maintain a high level of personal hygiene when handling snakes or their equipment to reduce the likelihood of spreading disease between snakes and the likelihood of the handler becoming infected. Here at Kellyville pets we have all you need to keep your reptile and yourself healthy and hygienic.

Hygiene while handling Reptiles-
Always wash your hands with hot soapy water after touching or cleaning up after any animal, after cleaning enclosures and with any area of the house where reptiles are allowed to run free.
-Cover cuts and other open wounds before handling reptiles.
- Do not put your hands near or in your mouth, or eat, drink or smoke while handling a reptile or cleaning up after it.
- Do not kiss or put parts of a reptile in your mouth or share food or drink with a reptile
- Keep reptiles and their cage accessories away from human food preparation and consumption areas, sinks and bathtubs and where infants are bathed
- Do not use the kitchen sink, kitchen benches, bathroom sinks or bathtubs to bathe reptiles or wash their cages and accessories. Dispose of any wastewater and faecal material in the toilet, not in the bathtub or household sink
- Due to the high risk of disease such as salmonella it is even more important to use a strong antibacterial cleaner for any of your reptile’s equipment or their enclosure.
- Although salmonella infections caught by people from reptiles may be less common in Australia, it is still important to follow good hygiene measures.
- People who have reduced immunity (eg. the elderly, people with diabetes) have a higher risk than others of becoming infected with diseases from reptiles. They should either avoid contact with reptiles or use very strict hygiene measures

Keeping the above in mind the following Cleaners and disinfectants can be used to safely clean your reptile’s enclosure:

200ml highly concentrated broad spectrum disinfectant. F10 disinfectant will eliminate harmful nasties that may threaten your animals, such as Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses. This product is the ultimate in total reptile hygiene. It is used by many veterinary surgeries to maintain strict hygiene practices. This product is highly concentrated and dilutes down so it lasts for a long time.

URS cage cleaner-
URS Ultimate Cage Cleaner contains a specially formulated combination of biodegradable detergent and a powerful anti-bacterial agent. The superior cleaning and anti-septic action of the ingredients will allow safe use in an easy to use water based spray. There are no alcohol or solvents in the formulation of URS ultimate reptile cage cleaner. Available in a 500ml trigger spray.