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Here at Kellyville Pets, we are committed to keeping your dog warm this winter! We have a large range of dog coats and dog jumpers online to fit just about all sizes of dogs, in a wide variety of styles and colours! 


Whether you're after something stylish, such as a LumberJack Hoodie for a fashionable pooch, or something more practical, like the Waterproof Reflective Dog Jacket, we're sure to have something of great quality to suit.

Types of Dog Coats For Sale:

Winter Dog Coats- The perfect way to keep your pup warm during Winter.
Staffy Dog Jackets- Designed to fit Stocky Staffys.
Fleece Coats- A Breathable, Insulated Option.
Flannelette Dog Jackets- Perfect for the Great Aussie Pooch.
Reflective Coats- Keeps your Dog visible at night.
Hooded Dog Jumpers- Just to Keep it Real.
Knitted Jumpers
Waterproof coats
All in a range of Different Colours!
For more information, feel free to speak to one of our friendly staff on 9629 3282.
Dog coats are recommended if you live in an area where temperatures drop below 5 degrees or if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors in the winter. This applies even to large breeds that are accustomed to the cold. Remember their bellies have little to no fur and are exposed to the elements. Likewise, dogs recuperating from an illness or injury may also be more sensitive to the colder temperatures, as are older dogs and puppies. To adequately protect your dog from the cold, a sweater should fit snugly and completely cover your dog's stomach (except with a male dog) and end at the base of the tail, keeping his legs free so he can walk, run, and relieve himself. Coats with full-length "sleeves" for the legs may be harder for your dog to adapt to and may inhibit his ability to move normally. If possible, try the sweater on your dog to make sure it fits him comfortably and is easy to get on and off.
Remember, they are not just a novelty—for many dogs they're a necessity. So don't feel embarrassed buying your dog one. With the right cold-weather gear, winter can really be a wonderland for your dog.

Does my dog need a coat?

If your dog is living outside in the winter then it absolutely needs a coat. Elderly dogs can be susceptible to bone and joint problems, keeping them warm with a dog coat is important for their health.

How do I fit a dog coat on my dog?

To fit a dog coat on your dog you must first measure your dog. Measure your dog from the back of its neck to the base of your dog’s tail and pick an adequate dog coat size.

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