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Reptile Lighting

One of the most important things when owning a reptile is to give it adequate UV.
UV is important for reptile bones and shell development.
Different reptile species require different levels of heat and UV so it is a good idea to ask our Reptile experts here at Kellyville pets to find out what lighting and heat is necessary for your pet reptile.

Ultra violet lighting is important in the production of Vitamin D3, which is necessary for calcium metabolism.
Without proper UV lighting for reptiles your reptile cannot produce the critical D3 vitamin to aid in digestion. Improper use of lack of UV lighting can cause life-threatening illnesses and problems to your reptile, for example, metabolic bone disease, lack of appetite, stomach and mouth rot, paralysis and blindness.

UVB come in both a tube form and a globe form, a UVB globe must be placed inside the tank in a globe cage as not to burn your reptile or a tube is placed on top of your reptile tank in a reflector. UVB light must not be obstructed by wood or glass as it then serves no purpose. UVB light shining through mess is perfectly fine for your reptile to benefit from the UBV.
What Level UBV is appropriate for my reptile?
UBV comes in 3 strengths, 2.0, 5.0 and 10.0. it is important to understand your reptiles natural habitat when deciding on the correct UBV level.
2.0 UVB- frog species, some pythons, and other rainforest reptile and amphibian species
5.0 UVB –turtles, some python species, blue tongue lizards, water dragons
10.0 UVB- bearded dragons, monitors, other desert dwelling species
UVB tubes come in 4 lengths so the UVB light can spread over the entire reptile enclosure, these length are 18”, 24”, 36” and 48”