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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Reptile Backgrounds

Here at Kellyville pets we have a huge range of backgrounds for your enclosure, terrarium or fish tank available for purchase in store or online and shipped Australia-wide. Backgrounds make a tank look much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye by mimicking natural habitats while also creating protection for the reptile as to not leave it feeling exposed from all glass sides.


Reptiles love somewhere to bask and a background with a rock ledge is a great place for your snake or dragon to chill out and catch some vital rays. With heat and access to UV being some of the most vitally important aspects of reptiles staying in full health, the closer they can get to their heat lights and UV globes the happier and healthier they will be.

Types of reptile backgrounds available

Flat Backgrounds

Taking no more than an inch of your tank, flat backgrounds are great as decoration or for smaller snakes and dragons as they can still easily climb it. Although flat in profile this Universal Rock rocky background has a distinctive rock finish, making it a perfect non obstructive rock background.
Flat back grounds come in a 3ft and 4ft option and can be easily cut to size with a hand saw or multiple used together to fit any tank.

Ledge Backgrounds

The Universal Rock backgrounds are perfect for Aquariums and Reptile enclosures with fish loving the ledges to hide under and reptiles to bask on or hide under. Ledge backgrounds make your reptile tank look like natural Australian outback, where majority of our native reptile species are from.
It is a great idea to use heat cords behind and inside your ledge background, this will slightly heat the background and give your reptile a nice warm spot to lay and digest their food. They truly create a show stopping affect!


Universal rocks are a great piece for any tank or terrarium as they are not only decorative and making the tank resemble a natural habitat but they are practical as well. They can give snakes and bearded dragons a great place to bask under a heat light or you could Drill holes in the rock and connect to an air hose instead of using an air pump. Universal rocks can be screwed or glued together to create large rock faces or even a waterfall by adding tubing and a pump to create a beautiful habitat for those rainforest reptiles and amphibians.