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ANZAC Day Trading Hours: 11am - 5pm

Dog Training

Dog training starts from the moment your dog is born. The mother dog helps in the early days of dog training by showing her puppies to trust humans and that reward and love will come from humans.
From the point a puppy leaves its mothers care and becomes cared for by a human it is then our responsibility as dog owners to continue training. From basic obedience commands like sit, stay, and come to walking on a lead and toilet training, we as pet parents must take control of all dog training.
Sometimes when training our dogs we make classic mistakes which need to be addressed later in our dog’s life. This could be not providing obedience training for our dog early enough, not providing adequate toys or exercise for stimulation of our dog’s brain or not socializing ours dogs to other dogs, people, loud noises etc. All these issues can be addressed and a solution can be reached with the aid of muzzles, Thundershirts, Barking collars or gentle leader harnesses.

How to stop a Dog barking?
Some dogs bark for attention, while others bark at stimulating things like birds or children banging on fences, some just bark out of boredom or excitement. For whatever reason your dog barks it can be irritating to both you and your neighbours. If extra exercise and toys do not help to prevent your dog barking there are a few products to stop dogs barking.
To stop a dog from barking you could use an ultra-sonic noise machine that will make a high pitched noise if the dog barks. The noise only lasts a few seconds and works to distract the dog from what it is barking at. Here at Kellyville pets our ultra-sonic noise machines are a gorgeous little bird house shape which can be hung in a tree or on a fence and May even deter your neighbour’s dogs from barking as well.
To teach a dog not to bark an owner could use a bark collar, this is NOT an electric collar. It is a spray collar which upon activation of the dog barking releases a quick pressurised spray of unscented or citronella spray. Barking collars are extremely effective as they will stop a dog’s bark regardless of why they are barking or where they are as they carry the dog bark collar around their neck at all times.
At Kellyville pets we have dog barking collars available online and in store. As well as all the accessories needed to go along with them. We stock citronella dog bark collar refills and dog barking collar batteries.
The use of a Husher muzzle can also stop dogs from barking. A Husher muzzle restricts the dog’s mouth from opening wide enough to bark, it does not however restrict eating, drinking or panting.

How to top my dog pulling on the lead?
Some very active, strong or large dogs pull on the lead to make their owners walk or run faster. The fastest human on earth runs at 38.8km p/h while the average dog can run at speeds of 72km p/h so it’s no wonder your dog wants to pull on the lead.
To prevent your dog pulling while on walks you may like to use a gentle leader halter harness.
A gentle leader face harness is a halter style harness which goes over a dog’s head, similar to those used on horses, it leads the dog from under its chin and redirects the dogs head if it runs ahead of you.

How to stop my dog biting?
Dogs bite for a range of reason, it is very rarely because of aggression. Usually a dog will bark or growl first as a warning if it is put in a position that it cannot run away and has no choice but to react poorly, biting is always a dogs final resort. Biting habits are usually a result of a traumatic experience which has scared the dog or a dog which suffers from bad anxiety problems.
If your dog has begun biting you may choose to use a muzzle on your dog. This will allow you to still walk your dog confidently and happily knowing that there is no chance of your dog biting another person or dog. Some dogs are very afraid of grooming or nail trims, using a muzzle on a dog that bites during grooming will allow the dog’s owner or groomer to maintain the dogs coat and hygiene while feeling confident and not at risk of a dog bite. Being groomed confidently also reduces risk of any accidents resulting in injury and further anxiety for your dog around being groomed.
A hard rubber basket muzzle is great for dogs that need a muzzle to prevent biting. Using a dog basket muzzle allows the dog to still have hand fed treats, to drink water and to pant without restriction, its only purpose is to prevent biting.
A dog nylon muzzle will also prevent biting but also will prevent barking. Nylon dog muzzles will allow the dog to pant and drink.
Some breeds or dogs with a dangerous history are required by law to wear a muzzle.
Owners of restricted breeds and declared dangerous dogs must follow these rules:
1. The dog must be desexed, microchipped and registered.
2. At home, the dog must be kept inside a purpose-built enclosure and warning signs must be displayed on the property.
3. The dog must wear a securely fitted muzzle when outside its enclosure (at home or in a public place).
4. When outside the enclosure, the dog must wear a distinctive red and yellow striped collar and be walked on a secure chain or lead.
5. The dog can never be walked off its leash, even in a designated off-leash park.

This website can be accessed to learn more about restricted dog breeds and penalties.

If you are unsure of the correct size dog muzzle for your dog please consult Kellyville Pets friendly staff for more information.

How do I stop my dog from escaping?
Some dogs love to wonder and explore the world. This is not safe near roads or the dog could become a nuisance for neighbours and their pets. It is also not always an option to have secure fencing for example on large properties. For these dogs there are ways to safely contain them in your yard. The use of an in ground containment system may be your best option.
Dog in ground containment systems are an underground cable that goes around the perimeter of your property, the dog then wears a collar and is presented with a light static pulse when they come in close proximity of the cable. Your dog must be trained to safely use these underground dog containment fences and flags are place above ground to alert the dog of where to cables lie, once your dog is trained to use an underground dog boundary system, the flags can be removed.
At Kellyville pets we have dog invisible boundary fences available online or in store. We supply extra cable for large properties as well as additional collars for multiple dogs. There is a dog containment fencing system for any dog, from the very stubborn to the very small.

My dog has high anxiety
Some dogs can suffer from high anxiety, usually triggered by things such as storms, fireworks, car trips or separation. The use of a dog Thundershirt (sometimes called a Thunder Jacket) may control a dog’s anxiety. Thundershirts use the same swaddling properties to calm the dog as we use for our human babies, with light pressure the dog is made to feel safer. A Thundershirt is a fraction of the cost of medicating your dog every time there could be an occasion that your dog starts feeling anxious. A Thunder Jacket can also be placed on the dog before car trips or before you leave the house to alleviate anxiety symptoms. Thunder shirts can also be placed on the dog at the start of a thunderstorm or on a night when you know your dog will be frightened by fireworks. Sizes of Thundershirts start at an extra extra small for tiny Chihuahuas or puppies’ right up to an extra extra large for Great Danes or Mastiffs.