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ANZAC Day Trading Hours: 11am - 5pm
ANZAC Day Trading Hours: 11am - 5pm

Small Animal Food

Small animal food

Rabbits and guinea pigs are Herbivores. Meaning they only eat plants matter, including hay, grasses, vegetable and fruit. At Kellyville pets we have a large range of food for any rabbit or guinea pig at all life stages. Rats and mice are Omnivores, meaning rats and mice eat plants and meat, giving them a diet with lots of variety is key to a long happy rodent life.

Ferrets are carnivores meaning they only eat meat, at Kellyville pets we have specialized ferret food to give ferrets the best chance in life whether they are working ferrets or pets.



A rabbit and guinea pigs diet should be majority hay based. A good quality hay is a must and should amount to 70% of your rabbit or guinea pigs diet.

Torwood oaten hay- is a great all round rabbit hay as this guinea pig hay is high fibre, low calcium and low protein. A Rabbit or guinea pig at any life stage will enjoy a few large handfuls of oaten hay every day.

Torwood Lucerne hay- Lucerne hay is high fibre and high calcium, a baby guinea pig would benefit from part Lucerne, part oaten hay diet. Too much Lucerne can cause growth spurts to happen too quickly so should be given in moderation along with a low calcium hay.



Rabbit food

Oxbow pellets are a fantastic base diet for any rabbit. Their range includes he ideal diet for young rabbits and adult rabbits.

Oxbow young rabbit food is a high fibre diet, ideal for growing rabbits (under 1 year) and highly active rabbits. A Lucerne hay base provides more energy, protein and calcium when the rabbits need it. Oxbow young rabbit can also be fed to lactating rabbits and is a fantastic food for pregnant rabbits or rabbit struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

Oxbow adult rabbit food is a timothy hay based pellet, low in protein and calcium, ideal for adult rabbits (over 1 year old) with no additional dietary requirements.

Guinea pig food

Guinea pig Oxbow pellets are great for all guinea pig life stages, with stabilized vitamin C. No additional vitamins or minerals need to be added to your guinea pigs diet when your guinea pig is eating Oxbow guinea pig pellets

Young guinea pig oxbow pellets are specially designed to meet the particular needs of growing, pregnant or lactating Cavies. During these life stages Guinea pigs require more protein, calcium and energy. Lucerne hay, Vitamin C and other fortified ingredients are combined to meet those particular needs.

Adult guinea pig oxbow pellets are high fibre, low calcium and low protein timothy hay bases pellets ideal for adult (older than 6 months) not gestating or nursing guinea pigs. Expiry dated bags ensure critically important vitamin levels.


Organic Oxbow-

Oxbow Organic pellets are specially formulated to mirror the pure nutrition found in the natural environment. Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. Oxbow organic pellets contain a wholesome combination or organic ingredients, including high fibre grass and essential nutrients to nourish your rabbit or guinea pig the way nature intended.

Oxbow Organic pellets are available for both Rabbits and guinea pigs with nutrients levels specific to the species.

Oxbow hay-

 A rabbit or guinea pigs diet should consist for 70% hay as it is a great source of roughage and fibre

Western timothy hay- Timothy hay is a high fibre hay, low protein and low calcium content helps prevent obesity and also maintain a healthy urinary tract.

Timothy hay comes in 3 sizes 425g, 1.13kg and 4 kgs

Oat hay- harvested before the oat develops into a seed, Oat hay meets all the nutritional needs of herbivores with high fibre and low protein. Oat hay contains savoury husks, full of fibre and flavour.


treats can be used for training or purely as a reward for good behaviour. Treats are used to add varsity and enrich your pet’s diet.

Oxbow simple rewards treats are a fibre rich treat made of high quality timothy grass. The fresh flavour and aroma that small animals love.

Rabbit and guinea pig mix-

 mixed rabbit food is a combination of pellets, grass and seeds. Feeding a mixed food is not ideal as the rabbits can pick and choose what they want to eat and will usually leave in the bowl what is good for them. Mixed foods tend to contain malaises which is a black, sweet, sticky substance which can be fattening to rabbits and guinea pigs. A high quality rabbit or guinea pig pellet is a better option for feeding rabbits and guinea pigs

Rat and mouse food-


Vetafarm rat and mouse Complete, balanced pellet diet designed to meet the particular dietary needs of pet and breeding rats and mice. Vetafarm rodent pellets are designed by vets. Contains a specific blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for long-term health and general vitality. Fruit flavoured and extrusion cooked for increased palatability and digestibility.


Rat and mouse mix-

Mixed diets consist of grains, seeds, pellets and dog or cat biscuits. Mixed rat and mouse food can be great as a treat as it encourages a rodent’s natural foraging instinct. Mixed diets are a cheaper alternative but unfortunately do not contain the best high quality ingredients and can cause rats and mice to pick and choice what they want to eat while leaving behind what is good for them.

Peters rat and mouse Feast- this mixed diet is available in both a vegetarian option which is great if you are giving your rat or mouse a fresh meat protein or if your pet is on a diet which needs to be lower in protein. The Meat Lovers option is a fantastic complete option and contains a high protein meat source as well as seeds, grains and dried fruit and vegies.


Ferret food Vetafarm-

Veterinary formulated grain free Ferret food for obligate carnivores. Made in Australia from fresh liver, lamb and chicken. Extrusion cooked for optimum safety and digestibility.