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Small Animal Housing & Substrate

Small animals housing and substrate

At Kellyville Pets, we want to make sure that you have the right cage or hutch for your small animal. We have a huge range of indoor rat cages, mouse cages, ferret cages, guinea pig hutches and indoor or outdoor rabbit hutches all available in a range of sizes for your fluffy critters!
We want to make your small animal as comfortable and happy as possible with all cages and hutches meeting size requirements and substrate to keep them clean and warm.
Cages and Hutches

Rabbits come in lots of different breeds and sizes. Ranging from small Netherland dwarf rabbits right up to large New Zealand whites or Flemish giants.
Any rabbit hutch must allow the rabbit to stand on its hind legs without its head hitting the top of the rabbit cage, the rabbit must be able to hop a minimum of 2 times in a straight line across its rabbit hutch. The rabbit must also be able to lay out flat to rest in any part of its bunny cage without touching the sides of the rabbit cage.
A rabbit hutch of 1.8x0.6m is a minimum size, if the rabbit hutch is double story or has a loft then this can be added to meet the size requirements.

At Kellyville pets we have a large range of wooden rabbit hutches available online or in store. Our wooden hutches are available in single story rabbit hutches which can sit on the grass or double story rabbit cages which can either go on the grass or double story rabbit cages with legs to keep it up off the floor.

It is a good idea to have a spare hutch indoors or undercover for hot days and cold nights. Keeping a rabbit inside during extreme temperatures is a good idea as the heat and cold can affect them negatively.
Plastic cages are also available, plastic based rabbit cages with wire tops are fantastic for easy cleaning and to contain mess within the cage as the bases has high plastic sides.
Rabbit cages that are housing 1 adult rabbit should be cleaned weekly as a minimum. The more rabbits that are housed in a single cage the more often it should be cleaned.

Guinea pigs-
Guinea pigs are a very active animal, Guinea pigs love to run around and explore their hutch.
We have guinea pig cages big enough and safe enough to give any guinea pig a long, happy life. Wooden Guinea pig hutches are available in double storey guinea pig cages or single storey wooden guinea pig cages as well as plastic guinea pig cages.
The guinea pigs cage minimum size requirements for a single guinea pig is 1.0x 0.5x 0.25m. The more Guinea pigs living in a single guinea pig cage the bigger the guinea pig hutch must be.
Guinea pigs can be very sensitive to extreme weather, an indoor guinea pig cage should be available for hot days or for cold nights.

Ferret cages have quite a few requirements as ferrets are extremely adventurous and intelligent animals. A ferret cage must be a minimum size of 76 x 46 x 51cm. Ferret cages should be tall with lots of levels and hanging tubes, tunnels and hammocks as ferrets love to be up high.
A ferret cage must have bars which are close together and strong so the ferret cannot pull them apart to squeeze out.
A clear sleeping, eating, toileting area should be available. Ferrets sleep majority of the day meaning a warm, safe sleep area in a ferret cage must be available. Ferrets are toilet trained at a young age, generally taught by their mother, a corner litter tray with adequate, dust free litter must be provided within the ferret cage.
A Kellyville pets we have ferret cages available to comfortably house 1 or multiple ferrets, all our ferret cages are easy to clean and have adequate platforms for multiple levels or tunnels and tubes strung from the roof of the ferret cage.

Rats are a small animal that likes plenty of space to climb and play. When choosing a rat cage for your pet rat it is a good idea to have lots of levels and platforms as well as hanging hammocks and tubes for them to play in.
Rat cage size requirements are 60cm squared and 60cm tall. If the rat cage floor space in not quite this size then adequate platforms can be added together to achieve this size.

Mice are very small easy to care for animals. They do not require much space in their cage with a minimum size requirement of 30x30x45cm. Mice are active creatures so plenty of toys to climb and hide in and around need to fit in their mouse cage. Mice need their mouse cage to be cleaned at least once a week unless you have male mice, in which case the mouse cage should be cleaned a few times a week to avoid noxious smells.


Back-2-nature litter-
Uniquely formulated Back-2-Nature small animal bedding and litter pellets are made from 99% recycled paper with no additives or chemicals.
Superior animal bedding and litter qualities include; Natural odour control, No additives or chemicals, Highly absorbent – superior performance, Suitable for rodents, mammals, birds and reptiles, Biodegradable, Economical, long lasting, Lightweight, easy to handle, Virtually dust-free making it safe for rats and ferrets that has sensitive respiratory systems.

Torwood Straw-
Straw makes a fantastic small animal bedding.
Torwood Farm only use the freshest hay and straw from the farm, which guarantees you absolute freshness, quality and value for money. Straw mini bales are 22 Litres of compressed straw, once out of the bag you will be able to give your small animal plenty of fresh bedding.

Wood shavings-
Premium wood shavings are a perfect bedding for rabbits and Guinea pigs, wood shavings are dust reduced and highly absorbent which means the rabbit or guinea pigs are not standing on wet bedding.
Wood shavings are available in large bales, small compressed bales and large bags.
Wood shavings should not be used for rats, mice or ferrets as their respiratory systems are sensitive to any dust particles.

Chipsi wood shavings-
Chipsi wood shaving are a scented small animal bedding. Helping to reduce rodent smells and leaving the animal themselves with a lovely apple or citrus smell.