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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Aquarium Air Pumps & Accessories

Why do I need an air pump in my Aquarium?

As your fish breathe, they absorb oxygen from the tank water and their bodies convert it into carbon dioxide which is then exhaled. An Air pump will not directly put oxygen in the water but it will increase the surface area of the water and improve circulation allowing for more gas exchange which replenishes the oxygen in the water


There are also many other uses for air pumps:

  • Some ornaments require air to make things happen
  • Some people like the look of bubbles in their tank
  • Some underwater habitats for semi-aquatic animals, such as Newts, Crabs, Mudskippers, and some Frogs or Shrimp, also require an air pump to keep fresh air circulating into the enclosure so that these animals do not crawl out into an unaerated environment.
  • Air pumps can also be used to create a current in the water, to prevent parts of the tank from becoming stagnant.
  • Air pumps are required for some types of protein skimmers to operate in marine tanks.
  • Some filters, such as corner filters and under gravel filters are (or can be) driven by air and would require an air pump

What type of air pump do I need?

The size of the air pump required depends on the depth of the water, the size of the airstone and the density of bubbles required
Choose a larger air pump than you think you will need as this will allow for underestimation and also for possible expansion at a later date.

At Kellyville Pets we have a great selection of air pumps, airline and valves available online for delivery Australia wide. Our brands include Aqua Manta, Aqua One and Eheim.