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Small Animal Carriers

Small animal carriers.
Small pet carriers available online in Sydney. Carriers are the safest way to transport your small animals. Everything you need to safely transport your small animal using a pet carrier. Whether you’re travelling to the vet, visiting family interstate or travelling with your pet internationally, we have a small animal carrier to transport from the smallest mouse to a large rabbit or ferret.
Plastic carriers for small animals are safe and hygienic. Small pet carriers are lightweight with carry handles to transport your small animals easily.


At Kellyville pets we have Airline approved small animal carriers available online or in store so no matter where you go you never have to leave your smallest family member behind.
How do I pick the right size small animal carrier?
When you choose a pet carrier you must first consider if it is too large or too small.
If your pet carrier is too small your small animals may feel uncomfortable in its pet carrier. If your small animal carrier is too large then the pet may slide around in it while being transported.
Your small animal should have enough room to stand up and turn around while in its pet carrier.
Are small animal carriers cruel?
The answer is no, when used correctly pet carriers are not cruel. Small animal carriers are the safest way to transport your animal. The small animal carriers have enclosed sides so that pets feel secure, with a wire or mesh front and ventilation holes on the sides and top for airflow.