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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.
Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Aquarium & Pond Food

Looking to buy fish food? At Kellyville Pets we have the best range of cheap aquarium food available. Whether its frozen aquarium food, pellet fish food, flake fish food or algae wafers, we are sure to have your fish food aquarium supplies here at Kellyville Pets!


Can I buy fish food online?

At Kellyville Pets, we have our entire range of dried fish food available online. Not only is it quick and easy to order, we also do take away! So if you’re looking at buying in bulk, why not get it delivered.

Can I buy fish food in bulk?

Fish food in bulk? Not a problem, here at Kellyville Pets we have 15kg bulk bags of pellets, as well as 2kg tubs of vegetable flakes available in store, online or for delivery. So stock up on cheap fish food, here at Kellyville Pets!

What fish food is available?

Our large range of aquarium fish food available at Kellyville Pets covers all types of fish, fish ponds and fish tanks. Our range includes:

  • Cichlid food
  • Freeze dried food, including frozen worms
  • Pellet Koi food
  • Hikari fish food, including the algae wafer range for Catfish
  • Live worms and shrimp
  • Pond Fish food
  • Beta food
  • Axolotl food
  • Bulk fish food
  • Marine fish food
  • Tropical fish food
  • Goldfish food

So if you’re looking for fish food, come to Kellyville Pets and our experienced aquarium staff can help you choose the right food for your fish today!