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Here at Kellyville pets we pride ourselves on educating our customers on all pets and encouraging responsible pet ownership at all times.

We have a fantastic range of reptile books and reptile DVDs available for purchase online or instore. Reptile Books range from basic husbandry information to in-depth scientific information on genetics and exotic reptile species.


My first reptile- Simple to understand guide that is suitable for ages 12 and up.

My First Reptile’ by Dr. Gavin Bedford is an easy to understand, informative reptile book which helps educate younger reptile keepers about the responsible keeping of Australian native reptiles.

This book is aimed at young reptile keepers - but is also great for beginners, and those wishing to increase their reptile keeping knowledge in a clear and simple to understand manner. The book outlines the basic principles of reptile keeping for the six most common types of reptiles available in Australia (from stores, herpetological societies and breeders). The information is presented in a clear format featuring visual aids which make the content more appealing to a younger audience.

Bearded dragon Manual-

This reptile manual provides the essential information for choosing, housing, feeding, interacting, and providing proper veterinary care for bearded dragons. There is also a chapter on the frilled dragon

Bearded dragons are some of the most exciting lizards in the pet trade and are taking the country by storm.

ARK Keeping Bearded Dragons-

For a more informative and scientific look at Breaded dragons “ARK Keeping Breaded Dragons” is the book for you. Full colour, perfect bound, 80 pages, with 42 photos, and illustrations.

Contents include an introduction to Bearded Dragons, biology & behaviour, habitat, health check, handling techniques, indoor & outdoor enclosures, lighting, heating, humidity, ventilation, brumation & winter care, feeding, breeding, juvenile care, ailments & disorders, and keeping records.

This Bearded dragon Book Includes all the recognised "Bearded Dragons" of the genus Pogona, plus quality photos of some of the "lesser known" dragons and colour morphs.

ARK Keeping Blue-Tongue Lizards

This reptile book is packed with practical and accurate information about keeping and breeding Australian Blue Tongue Lizards in Australia. This Book is a must for anyone who is looking at keeping Australian Blue Tongue Lizards. Authored by Grant Turner the reptile book provides a range of practical information on all aspects of captive husbandry relating to Australian Blue Tongue Lizards

ARK Keeping Australian Geckos

Authored by Rob Porter the book provides a range of practical information on all aspects of captive husbandry relating to Australian Geckoes. This book is a must for anyone who is looking at keeping Australian Geckoes. It is packed with practical and accurate information about keeping and breeding Australian Geckoes in Australia.

Keeping & Breeding Australian Pythons-

Comprised of more than 350 pages, this book covers housing, sexing, cycling, pairing, and breeding, incubation, raising young, diseases and mutations/morphs. There is also information on behaviours, as well as details on the natural habitat of the individual species. This is the first reptile book to harness this recent knowledge and make it available to the general public. A must have for anybody with an interest in breeding Australian Pythons.

Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons is the first of Mike Swan's husbandry and breeding guides to Australian reptiles. Mike has gone to great lengths to secure some of Australian's most experienced python breeders to compile this essential guide to breeding some of the world’s most beautiful snakes.

ARK Keeping Children's Pythons-

This excellent book is the first of its kind to be fully devoted to the captive husbandry of the increasingly popular Children's Python group. This book includes all of the Children's Python group of snakes, in the genus Anteresia, plus sub-species.

ARK Keeping Carpet Pythons-

This book is considered essential to anyone interested in Australian Carpet & Diamond Pythons. A quality and in depth look at the captive husbandry of Carpet Pythons.

ARK Keeping Long-Necked Turtles-

A must have reptile book for anyone interested in Australian turtles. Content of this reptile book include an introduction to Long-necked Turtles, behaviour, recognising a healthy turtle, handling, indoor enclosures, outdoor ponds, plants, heating, lighting, water quality, filtration, feeding, hibernation, aestivation, breeding, egg care, juvenile care, keeping records, and ailments & disorders.

Keeping Frogs-

This amphibian book helps guide the reader through those tricky stages of tadpole development and morphing. Keeping Frogs is an easy to follow guide for everyone from beginner to long-term amphibian enthusiasts.

Advanced Vivarium Systems Tarantulas-

TARANTULAS By Jerry G Walls is a book designed for the novice tarantula keeper and includes information and advice about feeding, caring, breeding and general health maintenance of these arachnids.