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We are open for essential shopping. Click here to read our COVID safety information.
We are open for essential shopping. Click here to read our COVID safety information.

Bird Feeders & Drinkers

Whether your feeding your bird pellets, seeds, egg and biscuit, or some other tasty treat, the range of bird feeders and bird drinkers we have available here at Kellyville Pets is sure to meet your pet birds feeder and waterer needs. With a range of hopper feeders, stainless-steel bowls, plastic bowls and millet spray holders, our Birdroom team will definitely be able to help you choose the right feeder and drinker for your bird.



Feeders and Drinkers:

Our range of Drinkers and Feeders are sure to meet your needs. From double hoppers to single hoppers, to coloured dishes and outdoor-drinkers, to feeding spoons and treat dispensers, we have a great range of cheap feeders, including poultry feeders and inexpensive drinkers to cater for all shapes and sizes.

Baby Bird Feeding:

How do I feed a baby bird? That’s easy! At Kellyville Pets we offer some great products for feeding baby birds, such as the Vetafarm Feeding Spoon, which has a special moulded end designed to fit in the birds mouth for good control of food and flow while feeding. The Vetafarm Feeding Syringe is also a great product that operates like a normal syringe but has a moulded spoon attachment for the end, much like the Feeding Spoon, which provides excellent food control while feeding. So if your having trouble, or would like some advice on how to feed a baby bird, Kellyville Pets is sure to have the right baby bird feeder for you and advice on hand. So give us a call, or visit today!

Treat Holders:

If you feel like you’re bird needs a treat, our Insight Cuttlebone Holders and Insight Millet Spray Holders make fantastic ways to give your feathered friend something different. We also have a large range of toys to make your bird think and work for the treat, so if you’re looking for something to play with, click here for our Bird Toys page!

Whether it’s a hopper, bowl, drinker, feeder, treat dispenser, spoon or syringe, Kellyville pets is sure to have the great range of bird feeding and bird drinking products you’ve been looking for. We have our feeders and drinkers available through our online store, and an option for delivery Australia wide, so if your looking online or coming in store, Kellyville Pets will have the product for you.