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Dog Toys

We have the perfect toy for every dog

Whether your dog likes to run, jump, chew, chase or pull – we have the perfect dog toy for your dog. Huge online range and fast delivery to your door.

Dog Toys
At Kellyville pets we have a HUGE selection of dog toys available online and in store. 
Our dog toys are all made from the safest and strongest possible material to keep your dog living a happy and fulfilled life.


Toys for puppies
We all know puppies’ brains grow very quickly and need lots of stimulation and play time for the puppies developing brain, toys especially designed for puppies are the most effective for this purpose.
Puppies need a few different types of toys:
They need a few soft or plush toys- these soft puppy toys are to cuddle up with when the puppies are having a nap or some quiet play time. A plush dog toy can be used to take the place of a puppy’s mother and litter mates when it is first brought home and taken from its litter.
It is important that childrens or even grown ups stuffed toys are not used for dogs or puppies. A human’s teddy bear is not stitched to with-stand large amounts of pulling and tugging which a dog is bound to do. The seams on a humans stuffed toy will give out and this stuffing is very dangerous; if eaten by a dog or puppy and can cause digestive issues and may even require surgery to remove.

Your pup will also need puppy teething toys! A puppy is teething until they are around 9 months old, so puppies need lots of toys to chew on. Rubber dog toys are best for the teething stage as they have rubber nodules to massage sore puppy gums. It is important for any puppy teething toy to be extremely strong so little parts of it do not break off and get swallowed.

Interactive toys are also very important for puppies. Puppy balls and puppy ropes are toys that you can play with together, with your puppy. Balls are great to teach your dog to play fetch or fly ball. Ropes are great to play tug-a-war with your puppy.

Distraction dog toys are great for when you cannot be at home with your puppy. A dog toy that is made from strong rubber that food can be put inside of it is best. This kind of toy will keep a puppy distracted for longer periods of time and control issues such as separation anxiety.
Distraction dog toys also help with brain development as it makes a puppy work for its food and use its brain to work out how to get the food from inside the dog toy.

Toys for active dogs
Active dogs require toys to get their bodies moving.
Anything that can be thrown a long distance and chased is fantastic. A “Long Shot” ball thrower is best for this as it allows the owner to throw a tennis ball long distances with little effort, it also allows the owner to pick up the dog ball
without over handling as active dogs tend to salivate on their tennis balls and make them all wet and awful to touch and handle.
Another great toy for active dogs are the “Safe Stix” or “Stix” and rubber Frisbees, these toys can be thrown for your dog and safely retrieved without the possibility of the dog getting splinters in their gums or tongue.

Active dogs tend to be very destructive when bored. They will try to use their energy on destroying furniture or plants when left alone. Toys are the easiest way of preventing these bad behaviours. Toys with food inside will work great to distract the most energetic of dogs or toys that can be hung up high and the dog can play tug-a-war on their own.

How to entertain a dog
It can be difficult to keep a dog entertained when you are not home. With the busy lives that we all lead it’s important that your dog is not left bored in the back yard or house with no entertainment. Even the quietest dog will find ways of entertaining themselves when bored, whether this be with becoming destructive or barking and digging.
Food distracting dog toys are great for any dog. “A Kong” is a great destruction toy as when it is filled with food it can be frozen for hours of entertainment. Intelligent dogs may benefit for a “Kong wobbler” or a “bob-a-lot” which is filled with food and pushed with the dog’s nose or feet until food falls out. A “Foobler” can keep a dog distracted all day as it will release food at timed intervals so the dog stays entertained for hours.

From Kellyville Pets you can buy cheap indestructible dog toys for strong chewers and also squeaky or plush dog toys for puppies and adult dog to play with.