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Filtration Units

At Kellyville Pets, our aquarium section has a huge range of cheap and quiet aquarium filters, filter media and filter accessories for sale. Whether you have a pond or a regular fish tank, our variety of the best internal aquarium filters, external aquarium filters and hang on aquarium filters are sure to fill all your aquarium filter needs!

Filters are a vitally important part of an aquarium setup and help with removing waste products, creating circulation and assisting in oxygenating the water and maintaining a biological balance. Filters keep the water clean and your fish happy and healthy.


What types of filters are there?

  • Mechanical (eg filter foam, wool etc)

  • Chemical (eg carbon, Phoszorb)

  • Biological (eg noodles, Bio balls)

Why do I need an Aquarium Filter?

Aquarium filters are a very important part of your aquarium tanks life and own little ecosystem. Fish tank filters work to remove a variety of water pollution such as excess food, decaying organic matter, and waste products from the water as well as dangerous chemicals and other particles. By removing all the bad bacteria from the tank it will keep fish healthy and happy, so come down and see us at Kellyville Pets to help choose the right filter for you!

What is aquarium filter media?

Aquarium filter media is the most important part of the aquarium filter system and has to be replaced on a regular basis. Filter media comes in three ranges, Mechanical, Biological and Chemical. Each have their own specific and individual purposes for keeping the aquarium tank water clean. Mechanical filter media pulls water through and helps remove physical solids from the water. Biological filter media helps remove ‘bad’ bacteria from tank water that may have made a home in your fish tank. Chemical filter media helps to remove bad chemicals from aquarium tank water such as metal, chlorine or other tap water chemicals. Our range of aquarium filter media includes sponges, wool, carbon, cartridges, ammonia removers, and ceramic noodles. Come and see us for replacement filter media. Our filter media brands are Fluval, Aquamanta, Aqua One, API, Aqua Clear, Elite, Jewel, Pond Max and Seachem.

Filter Accessories

At Kellyville Pets, we have a large range of accessories from new impellers and pipes to new cartridges for filter media, so come down today and find the aquarium filter accessories you need at Kellyville Pets.

What filter do I need for my Fish Tank?

Whether you have a small fish tank, a big fish tank or a pond, a filter is one of the most important parts of the tank environment.

Which filter is needed for an aquarium depends on different factors, like the amount of water, how big the tank or pond is, and how many fish there are. Here at Kellyville Pets, we have a huge range of quiet internal aquarium filters, quiet external aquarium filters, hang on aquarium filters and the some of the best fish tank filtration systems. All of our filters are available online and you can order spare filter media and replacement filter cartridges online

Kellyville Pets carries a variety of filters, powerheads and chillers for your tank available online. Our brands include Aqua One, Aqua Clear, AquaManta, Elite and Fluval.