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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Dog Kennels

Dog kennels
Where can my dog sleep outside?
Here at Kellyville pets we have the perfect dog House to suit your dogs size and needs.
We have Plastic dog houses, wooden dog kennels and canvas dog kennels. All our dog houses are easy to clean and light weight to move around with ease. Our assorted Dog kennels will look lovely in any yard.

Wooden dog kennels
Our wooden dog houses have easy lift up roofs to allow air flow, easy cleaning and to place your dog’s bedding inside.
Available online or in store here at Kellyville pets, wooden dog houses feature raised floors so your dog is not sleeping on the cold ground.
Wooden dog kennels also have asphalt roofs so rain water runs off easily and does not damage or soak into the wooden roof.
For easy assembly wooden dog kennels are purchased flat packed.
Wooden dog houses purchased in store can be delivered locally and assembled at your home for a fee. (Delivery and assembly fee varies on your location)

Plastic dog kennels
Plastic dog houses are great for all dogs. Sizes varying from small plastic dog kennels to large plastic dog houses. Plastic kennels are easy to clean as plastic dog kennels can be hosed out with minimal scrubbing. With roof ventilation plastic dog houses can be used on hot days with minimal heat impacting the dog. Plastic dog kennels can be taken apart in the middle and the roof sat inside the base this makes plastic dog kennels easy to move or take away on holidays so your dog feels comfortable where ever he is. Plastic dog houses are available online or in store here at Kellyville pets.

Canvas dog kennels
Material dog kennels are made from canvas, the same material tents are typically made from. Canvas dog houses provide protection from wind, rain and heat.
Cabana dog kennels vary in sizes to suit from the very little dog’s right up to the giant dog breeds. This thick trampoline style flooring makes for a comfortable bed, up off the floor with a pillow top for extra comfort and warmth.
Canvas dog houses come flat packed for easy assembly and canvas dog houses are available online and in store.