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Small Animal Supplements & Medication

Small animal supplements and medication.

Small animals are a fantastic first time pet, they are easy to care for and low maintenance. We as owners of rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice try to do our best to give our small pets the best care. Here at Kellyville pets we have all the supplements or medication that you may need to give your small animal a long and healthy life.
Sometimes our rabbits, guinea pigs, rats or mice need added vitamins or minerals in their diet that they cannot always get from their food.
It is a good idea to regularly treat your small animal for worms as well as for mites and lice.



A lot of what we feed our small rodents has grains, grass and seeds. Unfortunately not all of our small animals are getting an adequate amount of fruit and vegetables which is why it is a good idea to give the rodent some added vitamins and minerals.
Guinea pigs have the potential to suffer badly from scurvy and require a lot more vitamin C then most animals. Scurvy is a disease caused by a vitamin C deficiency and can lead to the body not producing enough collagen which in turn causes skin conditions, as well as fragile bones and poor joint condition or even lead to potential blood clotting.
Signs of scurvy include- diarrhoea, small wounds which may become infected or bleed excessively and not heal of a long period of time, rough coat and dry skin, loss of appetite and weight loss, weak or lethargic, and eventually death if left untreated.
We have all you need to add vitamin C to your pet’s diet here at Kellyville pets, our Oxbow vitamin C supplement is an easy to administer as a highly palatable chew for Guinea pigs or rabbits. Vitamin C supplements are available online or in store.

It is very important for small animals to be regularly wormed. Our pets are lovely by our family and children, sometimes over loved with extra snuggles and hands on fun. It is very easy for a rabbit or guinea pig to pass on worms to a human. With this is mind it is even more important to keep your pets parasite free. Worming is a very easy process. The correct amount of liquid wormer can either be administered straight in the rabbit’s mouth with the use of a syringe or a guinea pig can be wormed by adding the worming syrup to its water bottle for 24 hours.
Signs of worms in rabbits and guinea pigs include: dull fur, Diarrhoea, cysts, and mucous or blood in the droppings.
If you suspect worms in a pet rabbit, take a small sample of its droppings to the veterinarian.