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How to keep my cat entertained

Watching your cat or kitten play with their cat toy is great!  Cats are naturally curious and playful creatures so adult cats will still get a lot of enjoyment out of cat toys. Cat toys also help stop your cat getting bored and there are many interactive cat toys online available at Kellyville Pets

Types of cat toys online in Australia

We stock a huge range of boredom busting cat toys online that can be delivered to you. Our large range of kitten toys available online includes dangling cat toys, laser cat toys and electronic cat toys, cat mazes, catnip cat toys and scratching cat toys.  We have the best range of cat toys for indoor cats, ensuring your cat is kept busy while you're not at home.


Cats love cat toys that have interesting materials and textures. A cat toy should have rope, string, feathers and dangly parts.

Cat toys are essential for entertaining your cat. Whether it is to make them work for their food or to enjoy play time with them, we have exactly what you need.
Kittens are very excitable and inquisitive. Kitten toys are essential for a kitten’s brain development as well as their muscle and body growth.
Most Cat toys contain catnip, catnip is a product made from dried plant that releases feline attractant. Catnip causes cats to go into a playful mood where cats will paw at, bite, kick, meow and purr at the catnip laced product or toy.

Laser cat toys
It is no secret that cats love laser cat toys. The internet is filled with funny videos of cats chasing laser pointers but what if you are not home to play with your cat? Here at Kellyville pets we have cat laser toys that are battery powered for your cat’s enjoyment even if you aren’t home.
Some of our laser pointers even have different speed settings and timer setting. Your cat will love these laser cat toys.

Hanging cat toys
A hanging cat toy is another fantastic option for your cat to play with when you can’t be there with your cat.
Hanging cat toys hang off door knobs or on the back of a door. They often have feathers or a ball at the end which hangs just at your cats head height. This toy will get your cats attention and keep them active and entertained throughout the day.

Cat wands
Cats love to play with any cat toy that is attached to a string. The cat’s owner holds one end of the wand which has a string and cat toy connected and can be dragged along the floor or furniture and the cat’s innate instinct is to chase and catch the toy. When the cat then catches the toy it may choose to bite or scratch at the toys, with the use of a cat toy wand the owners hands and body are safely away from the cat to avoid playful bites or scratches.

Cat food toys
Some cats are extremely food driven by nature. They will work for their food and this will provide them with mental stimulation and physical activity.
Cat food toys can include a free standing food maze where the cat uses its paws to push the food down a series or tunnels until it falls out to be eaten or a circular cat toy which is pushed around on the floor until food falls out.
Food toys for cats are fantastic if your cat is overweight as their food is not as easily accessible and requires physical activity before the can is fed.