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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Reptile Enclosures

Here at Kellyville Pets we have reptile, amphibian and insect enclosures to suit any species from your smallest Geckos and frogs to the largest python or central bearded dragon. We also have enclosures to suit your weird and wonderful pets such as hermit crabs, giant burrowing cockroaches, stick insects, salamanders and scorpions to name a few. All our reptile enclosures are made of excellent quality glass, wood or plastic to contain even the best escape artists.
We have reptile terrariums and reptile tanks available online or in-store for your convenience.


Benefits of Kits

Turtle kit

120cm or 60cm- Our turtle kits are a complete set up for your turtle. Turtle kits are available in 2 sizes 60cm and 120cm. In Australia a reptile licence must be obtained before owning any reptile, including turtles. The species of turtles that can be kept in Australia as pets are the Australian eastern long neck and Murray short neck turtle, these species get to a minimum of 30cm shell circumference which is the size of a standard dinner plate. When choosing an appropriate sized tank for turtles you must consider the size they will grow to. A baby (hatchling) turtle can live in a large tank but an adult turtle cannot live in a small tank. It is recommended that an adult turtle live in a tank no smaller then 120cm long, 60cm deep and this size turtle tank can only facilitate 1 adult turtle. A smaller 60cm turtle tank can hold a turtle from hatchling size for around 12-15 months. At Kellyville pets we have complete turtle tanks, these turtle set ups have everything that a turtle will need to live a happy and healthy life, all you need to add is turtle food and your new pet turtle Remember it is illegal to take a turtle from the wild so if you find a turtle on the side of the road please return it to a safe nearby place in the wild. This Turtle enclosure Includes: - Tank, dock, filter, media, PH test kit, water conditioner, pump with filter, UV light, light reflector.

Bearded dragon life time kit

Bearded dragons are the most commonly kept reptile as pets. When a bearded dragon hatches it is only around 7-10cm from head to the tip of their tail, at adult size a central bearded dragon can be around 55cm head to tip of tail so a tank that is appropriate for the dragon’s adult size is best. At Kellyville pets our life time kit can comfortably house 1 central bearded dragon for its entire life. Our Bearded dragon lifetime kit contains- Glass Terrarium 90x45x60cm, 10kg Central Australian Sand, Atmostat 1200W thermostat, Medium Grapewood, 2x Fittings, Ceramic Tile, 7w Heat Mat, UV Light, 100w Basking Light, Medium Feeding Dish, Medium Water Bowl, Multical multi vitamin Dust.

Blue tongue lifetime kit

Adult blue tongues are not a small lizard, blue tongues get to 60cm from head to the tip of their tail, it is important to have a blue tongue enclosure that can comfortably house an adult blue tongue for its entire life. Blue Tongue Lizard Kit includes: Glass Terrarium, Hollow Log, 1200W Atmostat thermostat, Kritters Krumble, 2x Fittings, Ceramic Tile, UV Light, 100w Basking Light, Medium Feeding Dish, Medium Water Bowl, Multical multivitamin Dust

Rainforest or desert starter kit At Kellyville pets we have enclosures for the creepy crawly pets as well, from cute little geckos, scorpions or burrowing cockroaches our rainforest and dessert starter kits will give your weird and wonderful pets an ideal home environment as close to nature as possible. Desert starter kit includes- 25cmx25cmx25cm or 30cmx30cmx30cm glass tank, ceramic substrate, water dish, heat mat and large tank also includes flooring with burrowing holes- these tanks are ideal for dessert scorpions and geckos Rainforest kit includes- 25cmx25cmx25cm or 30cmx30cmx30cm glass tank, coconut husk substrate, water dish, fake plant, heat mat and flooring for burrowing- these rainforest set ups are ideal for centipedes, rainforest scorpions and hermit crabs
Hermit crab starter kit- Hermit crabs are a fantastic first pet. Here at Kellyville pets we have great hermit crab starter kits to make keeping hermit crabs easy. Our hermit crab kits include everything you need to keep hermit crabs happy and healthy for their entire lives. Hermit crab kits include- 2 bowls for water (one for fresh water and the other for salt water), ceramic substrate, a secure lid and logs for the hermit crabs to hide under or to climb.
Hatchling python starter kit- Snakes are a fantastic pet and can be a great first time pet, snakes are easy to keep, not needing to be fed every day, making hardly any mess and never making a sound. Snake hatchlings are generally very small depending on the species, being the size and width of a pencil. A small enclosure with adequate heat if the best home for them. Hatchling starter kits are a great first home for any snake they include -Starter Terrarium (40x25x13.5cm), Water Bowl, Kritters Krumble Substrate, Hide Hook, Feeding Tweezers and a Heat Mat
Flexariums- These are the perfect enclosure for stick insects. The Exo Terra Flexariums open-air concept provides optimal ventilation - very important for a number of reptile species. Due to the strong nylon mesh and durable construction, the Flexariums can also be used as a permanent outdoor enclosure in warmer climates or as a temporary enclosure during sunny and warmer days in colder climates. The nylon mesh allows ultraviolet rays from fluorescent UVB lights or the sun to penetrate deep inside the enclosure. The Exo Terra Flextray can be used to hold substrate and/or contain liquids inside the enclosure. Exo Terra's Flex Tray for Flexarium D. A clear waterproof plastic liner for use with Flexarium 65/100 Vertical and Flexarium 38 Horizontal. Can be used to hold the substrate and/or contain liquids inside the Flexarium. Perfect for when keeping Stick insects or to keep frogs.
Plastic tubs- Plastic tubs can be used for a temporary reptile enclosure, plastic tubs can also be used for reptile transportation. Glass tanks (enclosure) - from 30 x 30 x 30 to 120 x 60 x 60cm Glass reptile tanks can be used for all reptile species. It is important to find out which size is appropriate for your reptile to be sure there is enough space in your reptile terrarium for the reptile to have adequate hiding places, watering areas, lighting for UV and heat. Most reptiles need a tank with a warm end and a cool end so for any reptile it is better to opt for a larger reptile tank. Wooden/glass- from tanks 60 x 45 x 90 to 120 x 60 x 120cm Wooden tanks are one of the best environments for any retile, with wooden base and sides more heat is kept in the tank instead of escaping through the glass. Glass doors on the front of wooden reptile tanks allow you to view your reptile with ease through he glass door on your wooden reptile enclosure.
Wooden Cabinets- To keep your reptile enclosure off the floor and in perfect viewing height, a wooden cabinet can be used under your reptile tank. Wooden cabinets are great for storage under your reptile tank to keep spare globes, substrate and to hide cords. Here at Kellyville Pets we have wooden cabinets to fit under any sized reptile tank, amphibian enclosure or insect home.