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Reptile Feeders & Drinkers

It is very important to provide your reptile with fresh clean water every day as well as a clean area to provide fresh food away from any debris and substrate.

We have all the water bowls, feeding dishes and feeding accessories available online or in store here at Kellyville pets.


Reptiles use their water bowl for more than just drinking water, they love to bathe in it to help their shedding, to play in the water for enrichment and it also provides moisture in the air for healthy skin and eyes.

Water bowls-

Fresh clean water is the most important thing for any reptile and should always be served in a deep sided water bowl, this allows the reptile to swim or bathe in the bowl to help with shedding their skin and they can enjoy drinking as much water as they need. Water should be replaced daily with fresh clean water even if the water in your reptile tank looks untouched.

If your reptile soils its reptile water bowl then water should be cleaned immediately.

An appropriately sized water bowl should be offered. Smaller reptiles and insects are at risk of drowning in a water bowl that is too deep, a small water bowl should be provided or pebbles placed in the water to act as steps so your reptile can safely escape the water bowl.

Reptile water bowls available here at Kellyville pets start at 8x8cm for small geckos or other small reptiles and insects up to the Xlarge reptile water bowl 26x21cm for large pythons to coil up in their water comfortably.

Reptile water bowls are made from heavy granite which prevents the bowl from being lifted by your reptile and the reptile being at risk of being squashed or water being tipped out if the reptile sits on the edge of the reptile water bowl.

Food dishes-

Reptile food dishes are most commonly used by lizards or hermit crabs and turtles.

Reptile food dishes make for the perfect clean, dry place for you to place your reptile’s fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a great place for pellets as it is up off the ground and will not absorb water.

For blue tongue lizards which eat a lot of raw meat it is a good idea to have multiple food dishes in your reptile tank. Having 1 bowl specifically for meat, egg or animal products and the other for fresh vegetables, fruits and pellets.

Feeding tongs-

To safely feed snakes or to hand feed lizards, the use of feeding tongs is recommended. Feeding your reptile with tongs will keep your hands far away from your reptile’s teeth.

To benefit the reptile the use of feeding tongs is recommended as it keeps anything dirty off you’re your fingers from coming into contact with their food.

The use of feeding tongs is also recommended for sick or injured reptiles that may not be able to hunt or capture their own food. Using tongs and placing the food right in front of the reptiles face will encourage the reptile to eat food that it otherwise could not catch.

Worm dish-

A worm dish is a great idea for any reptile species that eats meal worms or any other worms.

Worms can be very fast and may flee when scared, worms can slide away or burry themselves to scape. The use of a worm bowl will keep worms easily accessible to your reptile. A worm bowl has a heavy base, to vail tipping over and a rimmed edge so the worms cannot escape from the top.

Feeding rock-

Exo Terra's Feeding Rock is an easy to use aid for feeding insects to your reptiles and amphibians. The feeding rock is simply placed in your reptile enclosure with the plug open and crickets will walk out into the light and heat, your reptile will quickly learn that crickets come from the hole and will patiently wait for food to come out. Instructions for use:

- Pour an ultra-fine powder supplement into the deeper part of the Feeding Rock.

- Add a maximum of 10-20 crickets (depending on size).

- Place the two pieces together and shake gently until all insects are 'coated'.

- Place the Feeding Rock in the terrarium.

- Remove the plug.

Watch your reptiles enjoy the feast!

It reduces the amount of supplement needed as it retains excess powder that can then be reused. The feeder prevents vitamin residue on the substrate, which may be dangerous as it can harbour harmful bacteria, especially in humid terrarium conditions. Ideal for bearded dragons and geckos.

Kricket keepers-

A Kricket Keeper is the easiest way to prolong the life of your crickets. Made entirely of plastic a Kricket Keeper also very easy to clean. The technologically advanced lid features a viewing/feeding window on the top with two dark tubes with clear caps and flappers that cover opening when cylinders are removed. Kricket Keeper is a great cricket carrier/habitat that can house up to 30 medium crickets for a week or longer. The dark texture cylinders provide ideal place for crickets to hide which are removable for easy feeding of reptiles/amphibians/birds.