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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.
Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Meet our Puppies

Welcoming a puppy into your family is the beginning of an exciting journey, but there’s a lot to know, and sometimes figuring out where to start is the most daunting part. The passionate team at Kellyville Pets has been pairing families with the perfect pet since 1983 – you could call us the ultimate matchmakers! Our duty of care is to our animals, ensuring we find them a forever home that will offer them the best quality of life.

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Why choose our puppies?

We want to ensure you get the best start with your new fur baby and provide you peace of mind that your puppy comes from an ethical breeder. We’ve created this checklist below of what we expect, and offer with a new puppy. When doing your research, you should ensure that all of these items are covered to assist you in making the right decision.

Services offered Breeders Other pet stores
Free desexing (valued at $500) checkmark ? ?
3 year genetic health guarantee checkmark ? ?
7 day cooling off period checkmark ? ?
4 weeks introductory pet insurance checkmark ? ?
Family tree with information about mum and dad checkmark ? ?
My Puppy Book checkmark ? ?
Pet School (in-store and/or online) checkmark ? ?
Membership offering discounts and special offers – Pet Lovers Platinum Member checkmark ? ?
Staff support and follow-up checkmark ? ?
Genetic health test checkmark ? ?
Breeder details submitted to RSPCA and AWLNSW for random auditing checkmark ? ?
Health guarantee checkmark 14 days ? ?
Free post adoption vet check checkmark ? ?
Microchipping legally required checkmark checkmark checkmark
Vaccinated legally required checkmark checkmark checkmark
Lifetime rehoming policy checkmark ? ?
Discount vouchers checkmark ? ?
Up-to-date parasite prevention checkmark checkmark checkmark

What to expect at a puppy appointment

Once you think you have found the right match, it’s time to make your puppy appointment. Puppy appointments can be up to 90 minutes and are held in-store. Click here to read more about what’s involved at your puppy appointment.During your appointment you will be paired with your puppy, walked through everything you will need at home and getting your fur baby settled in.

Please note your puppy appointment does not guarantee a specific puppy on that day, unless you have paid a refundable holding deposit ahead of arriving. To organise a holding deposit, please call the store directly or chat to a staff member on your puppy booking confirmation call.

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Raising the standard

Here at Kellyville Pets, we’re dedicated to not only meeting, but far exceeding the welfare standards of the dogs in our care and the breeders they come from. All of our puppies come from our partnered breeders who also adhere to the strict standards we stand by:

  • Agree to have their details forwarded to welfare agencies such as RSPCA and AWL and accept random inspections
  • Agree to an annual veterinary audit of their facility
  • Agree to DNA test breeding dogs to minimise the risk of genetic diseases are being passed on to the puppies
Read our animal welfare standards
Check Icon All puppies come with a 3 year genetic health guarantee
Check Icon All puppies come with free desexing
Check Icon All puppies are up-to-date with vaccinations, flea control, and worming

Long haired dachshunds are rare so I was surprised when I saw a litter for sale at Kellyville Pets. I had done a fair bit of research on the breed so I was expecting a puppy from a puppy farm to be honest. To my surprise when I called I discovered that the puppy had been tested, the parents where tested and screened, and there was photos and information about the parents available. I wasn't expecting this! We went and had a look and of course we feel like in love and bought her.

But more importantly we know that genetically she stands to the best chance of being healthy and we are delighted with her. Her temperament is fantastic, and we have been compliments on her good breeding.

- Heather

Fell in love with seeing this little pup in the closure all on his own as his siblings were all sold. I watched his character as he just calmly looked at people and lay with his little legs out the back. I loved his disposition and his gorgeous colours. I had no idea that I would purchase a gorgeous pup and become my little pal. I actually came back 1 week after purchasing to thank Stephanie. I told her he's just absolutely wonderful and potty training perfectly.

Thank you KellyVille pets, I've been recommending you to everyone. Very impressed with no touch policy on pups and sanitisation prep prior to seeing a pup.

- Danielle H

Annalise was amazing, she provided us with sufficient information to walk away with and think about it prior to committing to purchase. During the purchase process she then ensured we were provided clear advice on not only the essential items for Coco but also advice on how to mentally care for Coco as her breed craves attention and if neglected could suffer anxiety.

I must say hand on heart I would recommend Kellyville Pets and your team to any future customers as you don't only focus on add on luxury items to sell with pets, your team actually show genuine care in the animals you sell and through my personal experiences at Kellyville Pets they have ensured that I had a clear understanding on how to care for them rather than what I could add to my shopping basket. The respect being shown to the pets deserves credit, well done!!!

- Kevin M

paw Interested in a puppy? Give our friendly staff a call on 02 8834 0308!