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Reptile Substrate

Reptile substrate
Substrate is a word used to describe the bedding used in a reptile enclosure, a substrate is used so your reptile does not need to sit directly in wood on glass and will mimic the ground in the wild.
Different reptile species require different substrate as some like to burrow while others prefer warm sand under their feet. Depending on the natural environment of a reptile the team at Kellyville Pets can also help you decide on the appropriate substrate for your reptile pet.

Coconut husk-
Coconut husk substrate is great for most reptile or amphibian species as well insects. Kritters Krumble is one brand of substrate made from the husk of coconuts, it comes in both a fine and coarse form.
Kritters Krumble is great for rainforest species as it holds water well and can create a damp environment. It is also great to burrowing species as it is easy to dig in and will create a strong burrow shape.
Kritters Krumble is great for, Pythons, spiders, rainforest scorpions, blue tongue lizards, and frogs.

Desert sand-
Desert sand is a great substrate for any desert dwelling species, the sand gets nice and warm with the use of a heat mat or heat light which aids in digestion for reptiles.
Species that would benefit from living on desert sand include central bearded dragons, geckos or desert scorpions.

Rocks or pebbles-
It is best to only use rocks and pebbles for substrate in turtle tanks, the pebbles must be too large to fit in the turtle’s mouth and small enough to not take up too much space in the turtle tank.