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At Kellyville pets we have a great range of small animal hides and homes for any creature to feel safe and protected. All Houses and hides are available in store or online.


Rabbits, Ferrets, guinea pigs, rats and mice are all some of the smallest animals in the animal kingdom, this means they have lots of predators. For this reason they have a very strong flight response meaning that any sudden movements or loud noises near them will startle them and their natural reaction is to run away. But where will they run to?
When we take these small animals into our care as pets it is our responsibility as owners to give them safety and protection. To do this is as easy as a hide or house in their cage. A small enclosed area that small animals can hide in when they are frightened.

Small animals also need somewhere safe to sleep or to give birth if you are breeding your pets. A mouse house is a great place for mice to breed. An igloo home is great for rabbits as they can lay inside or even sit on top. Small animal soft beds are great for rats to snuggle inside. For warmth and snuggliness, try the Petface Cosy Pocket. It is lined with Faux fur for additional comfort for you pet rat or mouse.