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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Dog Treats

We as pet parents love to spoil our dogs and what better way to spoil them by giving them their favourite thing, food treats!!
At Kellyville Pets we have dog treats available online and in store. We stock the very best quality natural dog treats. Majority of our dog treats are made here in Australia and sourced from Australian produce and livestock.
Our range of dog treats are great rewards for training or for longer periods of time when you may need to keep your dog distracted and entertained.
Types of Treats

Rawhide dog treats

The process of making our natural rawhide treats is quite simple, the rawhide is simply soaked in water, twisted into shape and dried naturally. Our pressed Rawhide bones are made in a very similar way. The rawhide is soaked, layered, heat pressed and dried naturally. At Kellyville pets all our rawhide treats are as natural as possible with no glue or chemicals used. Any rawhide that is coloured is simply coloured with water based food colouring. All rawhide dog treats can be bought individually or in bulk 1kg bags online or in store from Kellyville Pets.

Dog bones

Some dogs love to chew on Bones, dog should never be given cooked chicken bones but smoked bones from other produce is fine. At Kellyville Pets we stock Australian roo tails, kangaroo bones, beef femurs, lamb shanks, lamb necks and pork bones, all naturally smoked and ready for your dog to spend hours munching on.

Dental treats

As a responsible pet owner it is extremely important to care you for your dog’s teeth and gums. Dental disease is one of the main issues veterinarians see every day. For regular dental care a dental treat can be used. One of the best dog dental chews on the market is Greenies, with a vegetable based formula and great taste they can be given daily as a treat while serving a purpose and keeping your dog’s teeth free of plague and tartar build up. Greenies come in different sizes so even the tiniest puppies can have healthy teeth and gums and the biggest dogs will need to chew this treat and clean their teeth thoroughly.

Natural dried dog treats

A great treat for dogs is Pigs ears, these are as the name suggests just natural smoked pigs ears. Other great natural, smoked treats include, beef hoofs, pig trotters, kangaroo jerky, pork snouts, beef liver, chicken necks deer antlers. Even the largest dogs will spend a few hours chewing natural dog treats, they can be given every few days and are a great way to keep a dog busy and entertained.

Training treats

Here at Kellyville pets we have a large range of treats perfect for training your dog. Any dog treat that can be cut or broken up into small pieces are great for training as they dog stays focussed and does not get full quickly. Lickety sticks are a fantastic product for training your dog as the dog simply licks the treat rather than eating something, meaning they don’t not get full as it is just a small taste as a reward. With over 500 licks per bottle, Lickety Stik™ is an easy alternative to high-fat, messy dog treats. Just 1 calorie in every 10 licks. You get the ease of on-the-spot delivery and your dog gets all the benefits and nutrition of this unique treat.

Vegetarian dog treats

Sometimes our beloved pooches can be sensitive to different meat products and need a low fat alternative to typical dog treat. Now available in Australia we have Vegetarian dog treats. Vegetarian ears are shaped to look just like a pig or cattle ear but are made from vegetable products. With a great flavour any dog will love to eat these treats and without all the calories your dog can enjoy more than 1 a day. Other vegetarian dog treats include sweet potato treats, everyone knows that yams are incredibly good to regularly have in your diet. Sweet potato is just as beneficial to your dog. Sweet potato dog treats are also a very good source of vitamin C, manganese, copper, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B6. Additionally, they are a good source of potassium, dietary fibre, niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and phosphorus which are all great for your dog’s digestion and overall health and wellbeing.