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Feeding your Fish while on Vacation

Heading away for the holiday season? May be with your four legged friends pet friendly accommodation. Lucky you! Unfortunately your water pals aren’t as lucky and will need to stay home. Who will feed your fish while you are on Holiday? Here are our suggestions on how to feed fish while you’re away:

1. Have a neighbour or friend drop by.
Make sure you show them how much to feed as overfeeding can be fatal to fish.

2. Feeding blocks

  • Feeding blocks slowly dissolve and release food for your fish while you are away.
  • The Serenity range of vacation feeding blocks have specially formulated ingredients to feed you fish whilst also helping neutralise and purify your aquarium’s water.
  • Blocks come in various sizes and will depend on how many fish you have, the size of your aquarium and the length of time you are away.
  • For example: one block from the Serenity Weekend Feeder 4 pack feeds 10 to 15 average size fish in a 60 litre aquarium for up to 4 days.

3. Automatic feeders

  • Unlike feeding block electronic automatic feeders are designed to dispense your fish’s normal food of flakes, pellets or freeze dried foods at set times of the day. The Dial a Diet Automatic fish feeder is perfect for any size of aquarium.
  • The size and capacity you need will depend on how much food your fish eat at each feeding and the number of feeds per day.
  • For your pond, the PondMAX 1L Automatic Fish Feeder can be set to feed from 1 to 6 times a day and has a large 1L capacity.

All of the above products can be found here

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend testing whichever method you choose for a few days before you leave so you can observe how your fish react to the new food dispensing method.