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Found a snake in your backyard or garden?

Flash flooding from thunderstorms combined with the high temperatures can increase the presence of snakes in your backyard. You are also more likely to see them in spring when the males are out looking for females to mate with. If you find yourself with a snake basking in your garden or escaping the rain in your back shed, follow these steps:

Keep a safe distance and NEVER approach the snake


Most snake bites happen when people try to capture or kill a snake and it protects itself. Just think, the snake is more afraid of you, than you are of it. 


Snakes are a protected species and high fines apply for killing snakes. Snakes play a very important role in the Australian environment and are protected under environmental legislation so you should not attempt to harm or remove them yourself.

Keep children and pets away

A snake will usually move on in its own time. Snakes don’t want to be near humans any more than humans generally want to be near snakes. 

Snake hanging around?

If the snake has decided to stay around, and you really want it removed the best option is to call a professional to remove it.

Keep an eye on the snake so you know where it is when the professionals arrive.

WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service) - 1800 641 188.

Sydney Wildlife – 02 9413 4300.

If outside Sydney, you can call the NSW Government Environment Line on 1300 361 967 or visit and download the Reptile Handlers' List.